Cannoli in Virginia

fawnridge (Ricky)

The sign read, "Fresh Filled Cannoli." I asked the nice lady if she had pistachios for the ends. She said, no but she'd get some.

Okay, I forgot the word "crushed." But really?

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They'll get crushed when you eat them.

I would be fine with them that way.

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A very long time ago or a midsummer's evening, I was cold and tired in Ohio and ordered "potato cheese soup" in a family restaurant. In California, it was a star attraction at Marie Calendar's. A creamy white, potato based soup, with cheddar cheese melted in. Ultimate comfort food. In Ohio, I figured they must have read about it in a restaurant journal. Theirs was a thin, orange soup with redskin potatoes cut in eighths and standing on end, sticking up out of the soup like rocks standing sentry at the base of an ocean cliff. It was edible, but it sure was weird!!

I take it that part of Virginia isn't heavily Italian in background?

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