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I guess I'm officially in the techie age

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I sleep on one side of the bed one week, then the following week I sleep on the other. Doing this, I only wash the bedding every 2 weeks, plus it prevents (hopefully) the sag in the middle.

I have a nightstand on one side, with the lamp and clock, and I read for a bit every night.

So every couple of weeks, I shuffle across the bed to turn off the light then shuffle over again :-)

I was thinking, I should buy one of those 'clapper things' remember them? Hahaha

It's my understanding that smart bulbs need a hub, etc, and I didn't want to bother with all that.

Then voila!! Our Canadian Tire store has a wi-fi plug outlet on sale this week for $9. Well! That should do the trick! The name brand is Geenie

So I bought it, set it up, plugged in the lamp and I can tell Alexa who is out in the living room to turn off my light. The only thing, I haven't figured out how to program Alexa or the phone to replace the Wi-fi smart plug to the word Light. So I tell her to turn off the Smart Plug. She says Okay, then the light goes off.

Wow, I feel as smart as Richard here, who has all the electronic gadgets 😁

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