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Is your community on fire?

3 years ago

I was going to tag onto the Is it Cold Where you are? or Is it Hot Where You are? threads, but thought this deserved its own.

Terriks wrote that her home is not far from the fire lines in OR and she can't get home from CA because the roads are closed because of fires and smoke. It's a mess all along the west coast. WA is inundated by fires and smoke, too. The only thing that will save us is rain and I don't see any in the forecast. I feel so lucky that a couple of years ago, after a similar fire season and weeks of unbreatheable air, I put in a mini split air conditioner that keeps the inside of the house comfortable with the windows closed. I never use it except when it's too smoky to have the windows open, as our evenings always cool off. I have 2 air purifiers, one up, one down, so they filter the smoke (the mini split doesn't). It's pretty miserable for those of us with compromised lungs (and everyone really).

My late husband was a wildfire fighter and although he loved fire season, I think this one would have killed him.

Town destroyed by wildfire.

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