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48 inch gas range AND double wall ovens in kitchen remodel.

3 years ago

We are embarking on a full kitchen remodel and would like a 48” gas range (yes, range with ovens) AND electric double wall ovens. Both my husband and I cook. My girls and I bake. We host lots of holiday and family meals. I was all in on a Viking 5 series gas range and Viking 7 series double wall ovens with French door on top. Despite many people’s bad experiences with Viking, I have had several ranges and range tops (we’ve moved around quite a bit) and always lived them. THEN I discovered BlueStar. I am enamored with the RNB, 8 burner range and the French door double wall oven. I’ve researched lots. People live and hate both. Recently, I’m also reading that the French door oven doors get very hot, especially in the double oven setting. I’d like any suggestions or experiences you may have with these options. I would also like any different suggestions you all may have. And no, 4 ovens (well, 3 1/2) are not too many. We have the space. Thank you!

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