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remodel/reno of late 90's wood siding home to farmhouse-which windows?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Greetings, all.

We are in the process of finalizing the finishings on our home reno/remodel.

Some details, before getting to my actual question...

Back story. This home was built in 1997, on 8 acres, some wooded, mostly pasture

Phase 1:

-New roof/gutters - gray tones OR light brown tones Architectural shingles (Standing seam is unfortunately NOT in our budget), white gutters (IF windows are white), black gutters (IF windows are black)

-New siding - Hardie Plank and Board and Batten - Deciding on which white to use

-New porch - replace wood (Perhaps a composite, depending on what they find when they tear off the current roof and siding/if budget allows), New, more substantial posts - Will be stained (NOT WHITE)


SO, the actual point of this post -

We know the black windows are all the rage in the "Modern Farmhouse" movement, but will they stand the test of time. This property has been in my family 50+ years, and I want to make sure the home will now reflect the land's history of an actual farm. We have looked at Houzz and Pinterest A LOT, and like the look of both...

Thoughts from you all on white vs black windows? OR are we overthinking it? (Which is very well likely)

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