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Decorating modern farmhouse when stuck with wood colored trim

Machelle Pearman
6 years ago

Hi! My fiance and I live on his 200 acre farm. The house is only about 10 years old and still new to him, so he's against painting his "expensive" wood trim. The kitchen cabinets too for that matter. So we have a medium/dark color trim, think late 90's trim maybe, all through out home. I love the modern farmhouse colors of grays, whites, creams, mixed in with cute rustic wooden shelves, plants, warm neutrals, etc. Problem is, none of that matches with wood colored trim. He won't let me paint it white. So, I just don't know how to decorate. I can't put a wood rustic shelf on the wall above a slick, dark shiny baseboard, can I? Without it looking horrible. In his defense, the is a lot of trim in the house, two floors, around all windows, walls and doors. What are my options? Please help! I will add photos soon. Thanks in advance.

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