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How would you furnish this small kids’ bedroom?

robo (z6a)
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

My sister is pending on this house. The two bedrooms pictured are for her 3-yo and 1-yo. They hope to stay at least 10 years with no additions or major renovations.

How would you furnish the office to accommodate a young/growing boy’s bedroom?

Their lifestyle is casual so he won’t have many or any formal clothes to hang.

i don’t see a good way to combine the rooms, which have large windows to the rear. There is a heater under the window but they’d be open to moving/capping it off.

smaller room

Larger room

this is a very desirable city location so they know it’s small but the lifestyle bonus is worth it.

one of the kids basically hates sleeping so they’re probably best off in separate rooms.

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