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Updating exterior painted brick - need feedback/advice/sanity check!!

A McSo
3 years ago

We recently bought a house that has painted brick. Unfortunately, it was previously painted a 'pink' off-white as the brick color (I'm not kidding, it doesn't show obviously in the picture, but does in person). The current trim/gutters are very close to a true almond. We would like to update the exterior, complement the Austin Stone on the front, but not go to 'yellow' or, for that matter, 'grey'. We've tested multiple colors, including SW Aged White, SW Classic White, SW Antique White, SW White Duck, SW Natural Choice, and have finally come down to SW Muslin or SW Neutral Ground looking the best. Everything else we tried is too pink, too yellow or too grey. We think we would like to update the gutters to a 'light bronze' to complement the roof color, while keeping the downspouts a color that is close to the main house paint. With SW Neutral Ground, this is 'almond', with SW Muslin, this is 'classic cream'. All of the wood trim/fascia we would like to paint a medium color (bronze seems to dark), such as SW Windsor Greige or SW Khaki Shade. We would perhaps paint the wood door this color as well... unless someone has an amazing suggestion? We are loving the navy that is on trend right now, but don't know if it is appropriate for the house, and don't want 'too much going on' in the front of the house. We would like to keep it simple and classic.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!!

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