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Sanity check: Huge window & shutter repair/replace bill?

7 years ago

Hey folks! I am the proud new-ish owner of 1740s brick townhouse. There's a 1960s addition with a flat roof… which has been leaking for some time before the issue became visible. The 2 windows under the leak appear to be ruined. The upper sashes fall down if they're not locked and lower sashes also will not stay up. The sashes look good at first, but seem to be separating at the corner joints. (They are about 8 years old?) The exterior frame/casing (right term?) is bubbled and starting to separate from the brick. They leak air.

I also have 14 deeply paneled wood shutters that need stripping & repair before they are total goners.

Could you good folks pretty please lend me your experience for a sanity check? I'm a total newbie at this.

The window restoration guy came and told me the following:

* everything but the sashes has to be replaced, including the jam liners

* four of the shutters are much worse, separating and warped and twisted, and somebody "repaired" them badly and they're a loss

* the other 10 are good candidates for stripping & restoring

* my paneled front door can be refinished but I should act quickly because there's damage showing in the end grain and not just the typical cracking around the panel; he said somebody cut it down and didn't do the job right

He quoted $7000 to strip, tighten, repaint, refinish the cast iron hardware, clone the 4 shutters beyond repair, and then reinstall all of the above — which comes out to $1k per pair.

He also quoted $2800 per window (2x) if I wanted his shop to give me everything new in handmade mahogany, built to match.

If I keep my existing sashes, I have to get the jam sill replaced by the company that made them. Window Dude doesn't retrofit for other co's reproduction windows, only old ones.

Don't have the door quote yet…

He also said the reason the front pieces of the sills (forgot the term) are rotting is because the sills themselves are too flat, with no angle, and don't have a drip something (?) underneath.

Does any of this sound absurd or unrealistic to you?

I'd love to get multiple quotes & opinions but it's so hard to get on people's schedules for this "small" job, given the city is full of much bigger, grander homes with wealthier owners.

I want it done right. I love this house and plan to live here for the next few decades, so if anybody would pay for taking a shortcut… it's me.

So I really appreciate any advice you could give me!

Should I go ahead and replace the whole windows?

Is what he said within the realm of reason, given there's a lot of demand for these services and his firm has so many positive testimonials?

Do his statements about what is happening, why, & what to do check out?

Thanks so much!

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