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How would you handle this floor plan?

Chris Sjafi
3 years ago

In terms of arrangement and room choice, this floor plan is somewhat challenging due to the living room and dining area being a little restricted in size, 4 bedrooms inside ~1400sq. ft., and the fact that the only backyard entrance is in the master suite.

This is my first house, so high probability it will not be my forever home, and I very much do not want to make renovations that would cause it to drop in value. Our barebone arrangement needs is to have one room as my office, and one room for our 4 year old, using a small nook area for my partner's PC workspace.

My partner thinks the best idea is to utilize the master suite as a secondary living space due to it having the backyard door. It's kind of awkward knowing that anyone we invite over will have to go through our bedroom to get to the backyard, and having a television-centered social area, along with a area wouldn't be a bad thing. We also utilize our bedroom basically just for naps and sleeping. And she's right in that the current family room will require some careful arrangement to fit couches around a TV, as well as utilizing the small dining area space.

Arguments against this are that we won't be having social gatherings or guests often(at most a handful of times per year), we've never had the pleasure of an en-suite before, and giving ourselves a larger room, with a bedroom, and outside patio access may bring more reasons to spend more time in a master suite. An obvious easy fix to getting to the backyard would be adding a concrete path coming from the front porch all the way around -- doesn't take any major renovations and adds value.

How would you guys utilize the current floor plan?

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