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Which floor plan would you choose for 2nd floor?

Summer H
2 years ago

Now we are in the process of designing a floor plan and these are the final 2 options.

It has a nice and decent sized master bath/closet connected to a master br.
Family room is on the right once you get to the second floor and this gives more privacy than the one on #2.

We love the specious family room being right in front once you land on the second floor, and it's facing south which will get lots of lights. The main con of this is that we can't figure out how to arrangeaster bath/closet and laundry. (as you can see, we're kinda stuck)

So we are apparently in the position where we might have to go with #1. But I can't let go of #2!!

Any advice on which one's better or how we can rearrange the master area?

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