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LIVING ROOM CHALLENGE!! Wasted space problem!!

Clare Guadagnino
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

There is a small alcove in my living room. The living room itself is 15 X 17 with only 2 small walls for tv placement. I had a desk and chair in the Alcove and I didn't like it at all, it seemed to get lost and I never used the desk, so it was a waste. I can't put the TV in the alcove because it's located at the far end of the living room and then there's no place to put the furniture in order to view the tv. The TV is currently on the wall next to the alcove, I just purchased to brand new couches, which I regret doing as it is making placement hard. My husband said he would move the TV, I just don't know where!

I am at a loss and frustrated. I

don't want a desk, and I don't want a reading nook. Part of one side of the living room opens to my kitchen, the other side is open to my hallway. I tried putting the couch on an angle in the alcove, however then you can't see the TV and it looks awkward. om goes leads my kitchen and a wall of windows and the other side leads to my hallway. The whole space is very awkward. I just bought 2 couches and I can't figure out where to put them or where to put the TV or what to do with this nook/alcove!! By the way, the room is a mess as we just redid the floor, so pardon the dust!

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