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Decorating Challenge - Living Room Ideas Needed PICS

14 years ago

Okay, I need some advice on what to do in the living room in the house we just bought. I've gone to a few showroom, computer disk in hand of pictures of the house to better show, along with an explanation of the layout of the homes living room and so far, no one has been able to come up with a good idea.

Here's the jist of it...I wish I could do a floorplan and post it rather than describe it, as it sounds so complicated, but hopefully, the addition of pictures will help some.

When you walk in to the house, the living room is straight ahead. Think of it as the top of a letter T, going right to left. The right side of the living room T starts 20" before the left side of the living room T. Meaning, the right side of the lr is 20" closer to the front door than the left side. Have I lost anyone yet?

The living room from left to right is 20'7" wide.

The left side of the T, the bottom of the T is 59", the side of the T is 137" and the top of the T from wall to left end of window sill is 58"

The right side of the T, the bottom of the T is 84", the side of the T to the opening to enter the dining room is 88.5 and the top of the T would be about 55"

Lost anyone??????

Okay, so here's the dilemma...

When you walk in the home, you don't see the left and right side of the T. My goal is to have the living room centered in the 11' window (get rid of the off centered fan too) and bam, you see a (hopefully) beautiful living room seating area as you enter the home.

Not until you walk in to the living room will you see the right and left sides.

What to do with these two sides. Well, one side, the left side, I figured I could have something along the lines of a built in bookcase, or cube storage to show off some of my collectibles, but what to do on the right side? I don't want/need another sitting area. I have no idea what to do or what to put over in this section and no one I've spoken to can come up with anything different than a seating area.

Below are pictures of the "problem" area. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Sort of a "panaoramic view"

This is the "right side of the T"

Right side of T and back of l.r.

Left side of T and back of l.r.

Left side of T

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