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Should I be concerned about this home?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hello all so not sure if this but its the first one that popped up! So I put an offer in today on a HUD home. Its about 1800 sqft and should work nice for my family and our needs.

Needs a little updating and of course my offer hast even been accepted yet! Its nice and open, hardwood floors, tile in all 3 of the bathrooms. Its just about perfect with some slight modification for my needs...

Heres the thing I looked at it today, Made an offer today and the realtor said I should find out tomorrow hopefully but upon some later research when i got home it turns out that at least since 1994 this house has changed hands 7 times! It has me concerned...

List of next sale dates








3 years later it was listed on according to Zillow and the price changed.... 19 times! It went up and down so I'm not quite sure what that means. This was from 09/19 until 12/19 then says sold again for $500? Im guessing all of that has something do with the forclosure but idk.

Now the area im in is experiencing a big boost in prices due to covid, about 2 hours away from NYC and everyone wants out. Houses are selling within days and for crazy prices. This one is what I need and the price is perfect but seeing all that has made me nervous for sure... I do plan on asking my realtor tomorrow.

Anyone have an insight as to what the heck is going on there? Thank you

Also makes me wonder how many times it changed hands before then...

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