It *was* the eggs! Banana Pudding revisited


Quick recap: Last week I made banana pudding. The recipe calls for “3 eggs,” size unspecified. I had jumbo eggs. A quick peek at an egg equivalency chart convinced me that I should only use 2 jumbo eggs. The banana pudding, while totally eaten up, was a bit runny. The custard never set up as it should. And, to be honest, the meringue wasn’t quite right either. Fast forward to today...

Made banana pudding again today. Used 3 eggs. Came out perfect.

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arkansas girl

That looks great! Eggs are so small compared to what they used to be. We have always bought jumbos and have seen them get way smaller than they were, say, 10 years ago. They used to be HUGE!

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And there you go! Looks so good!

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I usually make banana pudding about twice a year. That is all my waistline can afford. However, when I placed my grocery order, instead of 4 bananas, I got 4 bunches of bananas. It was 21 bananas in all. This is the last of them, except the 3 I froze for banana muffins in the future.

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