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I love my peach brick house, but i have NO idea what colour to paint!

Johanna Delroy
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I love the colour of my house... it's a peachy pink and I think it's very pretty. however, I also have a dark brown metal roof that is dominant in the front of the house over the porch, and siding. I have been delaying painting for years because i just cant figure out how to pick a colour for the siding, the trim and the door that will go with both the brick and the roof.

ideally my window trim will end up in a colour similar to BM Ranchwood CC500 - i have some windows in the back that are a similar shade and they look nice with the brick. if they dont, my world won't end, but it would be nice to have some synergy. the side and back of my house dont share the issues with the roofline being so dominant, so I'd be ok to have a different colour in the front if it made life easier. there are two different pics of the front so you can really see the khaki green it is now. i made the mistake of trimming the windows in dark brown to match the roof a few years back and i really dislike it.


what would you do?

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