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Be cautious of Win 10 v.2004

3 years ago

I have a relatively new Lenovo All-In-One model 000EUS that came with one terabyte of RAM of which I've barely used 100 gigabytes.

I do not allow auto updates from any source but keep a current and close watch for all app and system updates. This past Tuesday, I uploaded 130 patches from MS for my system and then opted to upload the latest Win 10 version being offered by MS...version 2004. I have spent the last few days trying to deal with it and all its bugs. It tried its best to break my system but I gave up the battle before it reached that point and rolled back my system to a comfortable v.1909. I'll wait until MS cleans up its act with this latest version. In the mean time, I strongly suggest that any of you who are interested in uploading this latest version read the release notes I've linked below. IMO...MS should not have released this v.2004 until it had worked out the majority of the cited bugs but that being yourselves a big favor and read the notes. You'll save yourselves a lot of grief.

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