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HFGH 8x10 and heating/cooling questions

15 years ago

I first found the 6x8 HFGH being sold by someone on eBay, then eventually found the HF website and the 8x10 size. I'm guessing this is newer, as I can't find much information about it and this forum is the haven for all HFGH information. Any chance it is better designed than the previous 6x8 and 10x12? What's with the white panels on the front face of the house?

How well does it insulate? I don't imagine it does very well, but I would probably consider caulking all the panels if I do buy one. What else have people tried to keep it insulated? Our hottest days can get over 100F, and I would want the max GH temp to be 80F, or more ideally, 70F. For now I'm just planning on buying a small window unit AC to keep it cool. I plan on growing mostly tropicals (some trees for bonsai and orchids). I'm also looking into a fogger or mister system to keep the humidity high.

I just wanted to talk with some experienced people before deciding to buy one of these. I've read through several peoples' build logs which have been VERY helpful. I know a lot of extra work is involved in getting these set up properly, and I'm trying to decide if this is a project I want to take on. I could use some advice to see if my temperature expectations are too much and make sure I'm on the right track.

Here is a link that might be useful: HFGH 8x10

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