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Need advice on a new small outdoor grill that won't blow us up

4 years ago

We’re shopping for a new small outdoor propane grill (we have a household of 2). We probably grill on average about twice a month. We’ve had to replace both our last 2 grills in the last 5 years because, in both cases, the igniter switch failed. In both cases we would eventually have to turn on the propane, light the grill with a lighter gun and run and hope the flames don’t burn us or blow us up (this was obviously not an ideal situation). These two grills were both Kenmores and in one case we assembled it ourselves and in the other the store put it together for us. Since all of our grill misfortunes, we have heard that igniter switches are prone to fail over time, but neither of these grills were very old when it happened.

For our new grill, is there a brand or style you recommend based on your experience that we can expect to have last for a long time and not have the igniter switch fail? We found a couple at Home Depot that we liked mostly because they were the right sized and were preassembled (we are not handy people). And/or do you have any other advice on how to preserve the igniter switch in our future grill?

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