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Need help with roof, siding, window colors on pool/guest house

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

We are halfway through a nice little pool/guest house. We live on a property on a hill and our main home back porch will look down on this home. We are tired of so much brown and green and "aged" style of main home and surrounding barns and want this cute little pool/guest house to have a bit of barnwood look to it with some nice exposed timbers on the outdoor bar/bbq area that is attached to it between the guest house and our pool. I have attached some photos of how it is currently. Note we ARE switching out the windows to dark ones with no grids to go better with the style. A schematic sketch of final design (the view we will see from our main house back porch is shown with some notes). Also included are some colors and notes on those as well. Thank you in advance for your time. We are happy to pay someone to review this for us!

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