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Help with entryway and living room

2 years ago

Hello we are a family of 5. I’ve been stuck on how to furnish/decorate our entryway and living room for 5 years! I think it’s bc they just aren’t “practical” rooms. Ive lived this long without furnishing/decorating them and it’s less crap to clean and worry about! However I think it’s about time we just do it. Can any of you guide me or give me some ideas? The entryway is 100” across. Maybe a bench? I would like stuff that doesn’t get too dirty. It’s hard enough w the dark floors. We are really laid back, so nothing too fancy. Just modern and comfortable. Any ideas for specific pieces and where I can actually get them would be greatly appreciated! And yes, we are on a budget!! Thanks all!! Maybe I can finally do this w your help!!

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