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Really need painting advice for open floor plan!!

2 years ago

Looking for paint color suggestions for open floor plan kitchen and living room area. I tried to take pictures to show the area the best I could. There are not many walls to be painted in the kitchen area. Just small area above kitchen sink and on wall with Glass door and then large mirror. I’ve been looking at this for over a year and feel like I just want some color – just so unsure!! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Do I paint the whole area one color or the kitchen/dining area one color and complementary color in the living room area?? Then the BIG question is what paint color. Lots of bold colors in the painting over the sofa so I want something on the neutral side so it does not take away from the paintings in living room area. With the wall divisions, I think I could do the living room area a different but complimentary color to the kitchen area. Just not sure which will look best? Open to all suggestions on paint color and whether to paint all one color or two different colors.

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