Do Inward swinging Bi-Fold Closet Doors work?

Matthew L
2 years ago

We are building a bedroom with a walk-in closet. Due to space constraints, we have to use bi-fold doors. I would prefer to NOT have the door open outward as it will stick out into the room. I understand that I cannot mount a standard pull on the outside of the door, as it would prevent the doors from folding flat when the door is all the way open. I've seen recessed pulls that are flush mount. Opening the door should be easy by just pushing anywhere on the door, and but I'm concerned about closing the door. Closing it most of the way should be easy by grabbing the edge of the door, but what about the last part of the closing? How easy/difficult will it be to use a recessed pull to close it?

Any experience or photos would be appreciated!

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