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Question about Network Setting?

2 years ago

Have been having trouble with wireless connections in my house. Everything is slow even the phone. We have two laptops using wireless. Have Xfinity router which I updated at their suggestion. I bought three Orbi's to help. Nothing changed. There is only me and my husband in the house. Two TV's, a Ring doorbell, two phones, one Ring camera.

The Ring doorbell takes 1/2 hr to let me know someone is at the door. The Iphones only get 1-2 bars and are slow to load pages.

I looked at our Network Settings and found some things that are troubling. It looks like 'others' might be sharing our Network. But I'm not sure how to read this.

Could someone take a look at these screenshots and please explain what this means?

I'd appreciate any help.

Thank you,

We have XFinity (comcast) but are connected to the Orbi. What does Xfinity 'Open' mean? Could that be the tv's?

My laptop is a HP but I don't know the model #

What are all these HP's? Then there are all these names which I have no idea what they are? When I clicked on them, it says, 'connect automatically.' I unclicked their names and it keeps going back to connected. I'll add another screenshot which shows more names. Not sure if Houzz will let me put 4 photos in, but I'll try.

This is a repeat of #3. I can't delete it, won't let me.

For whatever reason it keeps repeating the previous photo. I am not adding that. The point is the photo I'm trying to link is a long list of names and HP computers. All marked as secured. I don't recognize any of these and wonder if others are sharing our network. If so, how do I get this fixed? I tried hitting disconnect, but they automatically reconnect.


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