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Can I set up wireless network and keep my privacy?

12 years ago

Sorry I couldn't think of a way to word the title of this post. I have a three-office suite at work. We're three psychotherapists - so we don't have heavy use of the internet, but we do all need access for email, occasional surfing, etc.

Is there a way that I can set up a wireless network so that the other two people can't access my info. I do not think they are that savvy or ill-intentioned, but they are people I have just recently met. I think I can only set up one wireless network with one router - but maybe I'm wrong about that. Can I set up two networks - and let my officemates use one while I use another?

Right now I'm using a wired connection to the modem. At some point I will probably want to use wireless so I can comfortable move around my office without dragging the ethernet cable. But if I continue to use a wired connection, would that keep others on a wireless network from having access to my information and laptop?

Thank you.


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