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trying to choose ss hard drive for desktop

2 years ago

I recently switched to Linux (Cinnamon Mint) and now my wife wants me to set her up with it. She has an HP 450-a24, which is a very basic machine. She uses it for browsing and social media almost exclusively, stores a lot of photographs, no videos.

I want her to have a 500 gb solid state drive like the one I have, but I had trouble trying to buy it fro BigBox computer/appliance store (they increased the price 50% before I completed the order and I'm mad at them for it) and so I'm looking for a similar drive on Amazon. Amazon says that they cannot confirm that it will fit my machine, but I am assuming that the cables will work, and the drive can be mounted very informally - I used a zip tie to hold the one in my computer in place.

I was looking at this:

I appreciate any help. Thank you.

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