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Need Help Moving Files from C Drive to 2nd internal hard drive?

13 years ago

I have a 500GB original hard drive and also installed a 1.5TB second hard drive (which I've designated the s: drive). I installed the second hard drive primarily to house my videos - bc. they are taking over the main hard drive.

In order to move them from the C: drive to the second hard drive, I'm opening up Windows Explorer. Then I'm highlighting the files I want to move. When I right click I get the option to copy, cut or send to. But when I click send to, it does not list the second internal hard drive. It lists my external hard drive and my DVD-RW drive. Is there a way I can add this second hard drive as a destination to have files moved to?

The way I'm doing it now is surely more cumbersome than it needs to be. I'm highlighting - then dragging them over to where the S: drive is in the left hand column (in Windows Explorer - on an XP machine). Then I have to go back and delete the files from my C drive. This is actually a pain bc. I have so many video files - that I'm only doing a handful at a time - and keep going back to check that they're now in my S: drive before deleting from the C drive. I could write the name of each file I'm copying - to be sure that I'm only deleting the copied ones - but I'm sure this is harder than it needs to be.

At first I thought that highlighting and dragging to the S: drive would be moving them. But, alas, it seems to just copy it. How can I move them to the S drive in one step.



PS - when I highlight and right click the files, I also see the option of "cut" - but I don't want to assume that works the way it does in Microsoft Word - selecting those items to "cut" - and then "Pasting" them into the S: drive. I'm too afraid I'll just be cutting/deleting them, so want to check here first.

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