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Food Floof! A hard decision

2 years ago

So here is the premise:

For whatever reason, you are only allowed 3 foods/dishes for the rest of your life. One savory, one sweet, and one snack. There will be NO negative health implications. No weight change, nutritional deficiencies, nothing. You will have to eat these every day. Forever. You're savory dish can be a whole meal, e.i. spaghetti with garlic bread and salad, or a Thanksgiving plate, or a single dish, like mac and cheese or a BLT. What do you pick? Be as vague or specific as you want.


Savory: Pizza,preferably homemade and full of toppings, and ranch to dip the crust in. (yeah, i dip my crust in ranch,so what?)

Sweet: Brownies, as long as they are fudgey and full of chocolate chunks and gooey.

Snack: Cheetos PUFFS, not the curls, the puffs.

What about you? Remember, THE REST OF YOUR LIFE FOREVER!!!! Also remember,NO HEALTH CONSEQUENCES!!!! :oP

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