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Toilet Paper Mystery Solved!

Annie Deighnaugh
3 years ago

Last night Chris Hayes had on a reporter who investigated these bare naked paper product shelves in all the stores and came up with the answer.

Now I get it!

It seems that there are two distinct supply chains for toilet for residential with the quilting and the layering and all that...the other for commercial use with which we're all quite familiar, single ply and scratchy. And ne'er the twain shall meet.

Well all those people who are typically at school or at the office all day long are now at home and using residential paper. All those schools and offices are stockpiled with commercial toilet paper that no one's using. So at the same time we have a shortage, we also have a glut.

The reporter said we may see that happen in other areas as well such as some food products where the food that's packaged in giant containers for commercial/restaurant/cafeteria use are plentiful while the smaller packaged stuff for groceries are in much larger demand and so on.

These supply chains can't react quickly enough to re-gear for manufacturing residential products especially for a demand disruption that may last only a matter of a few months.

So there it is...mystery solved.

That may also answer why, last time when I was in Costco, they did have lots of toilet paper, but it was the commercial kind in giant packages.

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