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We are about to close on our first home, Seller says septic repair can

4 years ago

We are about to close on our first home. seller dragged his feet getting the septic inspection, in which we had to pay $375 to do. the health department is requiring a new leech bed. Seller says the leech bed cannot be installed until the ground is completely dry, this last weekend would have been perfect, but the business installing it is only open on the weekdays.

Both the seller and our realtor are insisting that it will be done after closing, " when it is dry".

What Should we do? We are looking at, at least a week of rain, and going into the rainy season doesn't help.

Personally, I don't feel like we should close until the work is done, because what if they don't do it? Pay an expensive lawyer? Not live there until its repaired?

It makes me nervous. Any Advice or opinions?

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