Which book would you have liked to write?


I don't mean the most beautiful book you have read, but the most intriguing, or peculiar on,e in a way. For me it’s “Watership Down” by Richard Adams. There are so many meanings in it, but for me, it's the adventure novel that I woul have liked to write when I was ten, twelve years old.

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I would like to have written Hannah Fowler by Janice Holt Giles. I have read it several times. Ms. Giles was a Kentucky author, and I'm a Kentucky girl, but the book just speaks to me. My mother preferred her book The Believers to the point that when she finished it, she turned back to the beginning and read it straight through again.

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I mentally write continuations of a story I liked. This started when I was about ten and actually wrote a composition at school "What happened to Cinderella after the Ball." which was rather a Grimm tale of her married life and more dark doings by the Ugly Sisters!

I have a continuation of Heyer's "Penhallow" on the go now! Sort of a Book at Bedtime to send me off to sleep.

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At a very practical and mercenary level I would have liked to have written books that brought me shed-loads of money as has happened with J K Rowling or maybe the late Enid Blyton. I'm sure JKR puts quite an effort into her work, but Blyton could churn out a children's book (probably one of her 'Famous Five series) in an afternoon, sitting with her portable typewriter balanced on her knees. And talking of balance I think she had a very healthy bank-balance.

I realise this is not a worthy suggestion and I could never write a deep and meaningful novel only to be appreciated by some obscure critics writing for the Guardian book reviews. So it would have to be something that just 'hit the spot' of the moment, a book that got away from mean-spirited politics, woke generation "I know what's best/don't disagree with me" Not a book with a forced joke on every page, but something that lightens the spirit and makes the days brighter.

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Vee, I agree with the money making side.

I was going to try to write a Mills and Boon romance when I was a teenager. I believe they paid well and were very popular with our library subscribers. Easier said than done! I had very little life experience then so would have copied other authors.

I sent in a plot to a publisher who was advertising for them to use in graphic story books. It was refused but I saw something very similar later. I have always wondered...

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Long, long ago, before the current trend in re-writing fairy tales as fantasy novels, Robin McKinley wrote her early novel Beauty, based on "Beauty and the Beast". To the best of my knowledge then and now, no one else had ever done anything like it up to that point. I was bowled over. It is still one of the best examples of the sub-genre. I remember thinking that I very much wish I had written it. In fact, it felt like I had written it. While I have not liked her recent books, and have pretty much stopped reading what she writes these days, this one remains a favorite.

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