Can you add 170/180 degree hinges to pantry?

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Is there an aftermarket hinge I could put on a cabinet pantry door to make the door open wider?

I have seen these but how would I know if they would fit?

Wide Angle Full Overlay 165° Hinge Set (2-Pack)

I called the manufacturer and they say it only comes with 107degree hinge and is pre-routed for their own hinges. They do not offer a compatible 170 Hinge. I asked if I could swap for aftermarket and she said risky bc may not fit into the pre-routed area on the door.

it’s a full overlay door style .

thomasville classic

27” pantry

model U279324AH

i put pics of the design and a pic of the hinge from the spec book

I want to put a wide hinge on the right door to make it easier flow to get into the cabinet

. the person will only approach the cabinet from that side, and there is a toilet in front of the cabinet somewhat , the door will clear and you can stand in front but would be more convenient if the door swung all the way open

i have not purchased the cabinets yet bc this is a design consideration before I place the order

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