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My Windows 10 computer no longer lets me burn playlists.

2 years ago

Del Inspiron 3668, Home Edition, about 1 1/2 years old.

I have Windows 10, which gets automatically updated, and I also install important Dell updates.

I'm not sure when, but it must be within the last year, that I last could easily burn playlists in iTunes. For several months, I didn't try to do it. Now, I can't even burn discs in Windows Media Player--which would not be my choice, anyway, as I find WMP confusing to use.

Restarting the PC doesn't help, and I am using the same type of blank CD and following the same process I always had success with before, but I keep getting "The attempt to burn a disc failed. An unknown error occurred. (0xC)AA0301)" It seems to make no difference whether the songs I put on the playlist are "protected" or not, or purchased or not.

The main time I listen to music is in my car, which has a CD player. I am not trying to make several copies of the same playlist, but to mix things up and make new combinations of things to listen to, so this is really upsetting. Does anyone else have this problem? Can anyone help, please?

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