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Hardwood floor replacement issues

Crystal Howley
2 years ago

We had a refrigerator leak and ruin a spot on our hardwood floor. Initially insurance said they would replace that one spot but came back and said they would replace it all.

we were burned once before by not using the insurance company’s contractor so we used their recommendation.

long story short, they just finished sanding and staining part two (the initial install and stain, a screen sand and stain and then a third sanding and stain). It’s still not right! We are having a walkthrough today.

issues: all the floor molding has been either damaged or is pulling away from the wall

some of the putty hasn’t dried properly and isn’t the same color as the stain

there are nail pops on the walls (I just had the interior painted two months before the water leak)

there is stain on walls, door jambs, doors, shoe molding

cracks in the ceiling - had new can lights installed two years ago and had ceiling mudded and painted

are the above issues normal? Or normal after having had as many issues as we’ve had.


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