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Good way to clone a hard drive to a ssd?

2 years ago

I decided to upgrade my 1 T harddrive to a ssd and ordered the appropriate hardware, cables, flash drive and so on. I found a tutorial on Youtube which advocates a straightforward process that uses free downloadable software to partition the new drive; that software is "The minitool partition wizard". I should end up with a perfect clone of the old drive and will not need to re-register with Windows. I don't have any plans for the old drive, and may format it and install it as a backup "someday".

I intend to connect the new ssd drive via usb to my desktop computer, copy over the entire disk, remove the old disk and install the new one. (The flash drives are one for a file back up and another for a boot drive, just in case). As I understand it the new drive, installed in place of and NOT in addition to the old one should boot up at once, and if it does not, I can replace it with the old drive and start over.

I'm moved hard drives around once or twice, and installed a new power supply, and I'm thinking I can do this. Any words of warning?


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