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Help and Feedback needed for Exterior Painting!

4 years ago

Hi everyone,

Recently just purchased an old home and it is need of exterior painting. I'm going back and forth with the paint colors, but looking to focus on 3 colors but not really sure if this combination works as I'm going for the craftsman look.

I'm going to remove the lattice on the overhang and the lattice the previous owner used and replace with some form of outdoor spindle/PVC balluster in bronze or black

Stucco and cedar siding to be painted a grey?

Fascia Boards to be painted White

Fencing to be painted/Stained like a natural Orange

Front door to match the fence color

Open stair case to be closed and painted Light Grey (to match)

  • I can go light grey on the stairs and taupe on the treads?

Not really sure what to paint the Posts? and railings as well. I was thinking white? I feel like I'm getting cross eyed, and the black being utilized for everything a real eye sore.

My window frames are white and my roof is black/grey as well.

Open to suggestions! and thank you everyone in advance.

Happy Holidays!

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