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What's left on my wants list swap rules and wish lists here.

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Here are the rules.

The most important rule is that I ask that you list/wish for specific varieties of plants/vegetables. Please do not request pink cosmos or orange mariold. Instead take the time to look for some named varieties that you find pleasing to your eye.

I realize that this takes a little extra time but it makes it so that we dont get 100 packs of unnamed cosmos and marigolds sent in. If you dont mind unnamed varieties and you list "any" next to a wish listed item, you will get all of those that get sent in for you before other varieties. I know this rule may seem harsh but in the past years, I have received as many as 100 packs of mixed marigolds/cosmos. It really isn't fair to the player that sends in all named varieties to have to get back 10 packs of unnamed marigolds or cosmos that they will not grow.

Collected or purchased seeds are both allowed in this swap. Please dont send seeds that are old or known to have a short shelf life.

This is a wish list swap and ONLY seeds from a players wish list should be sent. Any seeds sent that are not on a wish list will be used as bonus seeds or returned to you.

Please do not send 5 packs of a named plant with 5 seeds in each pack UNLESS it is a rare variety. I have in the past received 5 packs of a named marigold with 5 seeds in each pack. I'll combine these packs and credit will be given for 2 packs of 12/13 seeds. Please only send what you would be happy to receive!

Please pack your seeds by player name/number.

This is a one for one swap. If you send in 10 packs to be swapped, you get 10 packs in return. There is no way for me to know if your wish listed items will come in BUT I do my best to send you back seeds that you will be happy to grow!

Feel free to start posting wish lists here. Patrob has been kind enough to take care of the composite list again for us. She will move your list to the composite list for you. Thanks again PAT!!!

Please have your finalized wish list posted by January, 5th. I'm hoping 10 days gives everyone enough time.

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  • 4 years ago


    Crane Melon
    Collective farm woman melon
    Early Silver Line Melon
    Hales Best Jumbo Melon
    Rocky Ford Green Flesh Melon



  • 4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago







    -Desert Sunrise

    -Glowing Embers



    -Liquorice White




    Ocean Pearls



    New Mexico

    Chinese Giant Orange






    -stricta purpurea


    ANGELONIA, any





    -caerulea (Rocky Mountain Columbine)









    -September Ruby

    -Climbing (A. carolinianus)



    -Wild Magic



    -Kapoor Tulsi





    Taiwan Yard Long

    Grandma Nellie’s Yellow Mushroom


    -boliviensis, yellow or red


    -foliosa var miniata (fuchsia flowering)

    -Little Brother Montgomery


    -Rose Sensation

    -Arizona Dark Red



    -purple/red only







    -Chirimen Hakusai




    -Tokyo Bekana

    -Early Nozaki


    -Red Acre





    -Solar Flashback

    -Bronzed Beauty


    -indian prince

    -Oopsy Daisy

    -Orange King

    -Snow Princess


    Kabloom solids only






    -Pusa Asita, Black Nebula, or other all-purple

    -Pusa Rudhira

    -Uzbek Golden

    -Solar Yellow

    -any white



    -Greek (Nepeta parnassica)

    -Walker’s Low or similar


    -Chinese Pink or White


    -Variegata del Castelfranco







    Any that look like the following:

    -Chocolate Mint,

    -Fairway Yellow,

    -Wizard Golden,

    -Wizard Jade,

    -Wizard Sunset

    -Chocolate Covered Cherry

    -Premium Sun Pineapple Surprise

    -Wizard Scarlet

    -Superfine Rainbow Color Pride

    -Superfine Rainbow Volcano

    -Fairway Ruby

    -Chocolate Splash

    -Superfine Rainbow Red Velvet

    -Versa Crimson Gold

    -Versa Rose to Lime

    -Fairway Red Velvet

    -Versa Lme









    -Yellow Garden


    -Cosimo Collarette

    -Apricot Lemonade

    -Pop Socks, any


    -dwarf bipinnatus like Apollo (no sulphureus)



    Suyo Long

    Chinese Long








    -coccinea True Wild Form

    -coccinea palmeri

    -coccinea Lemon Blush

    -Twynings After 8

    -Bishop's Children




    -New Millennium types

    -cardinale "Scarlet Larkspur"


    -any caryophyllus (carnations

    -Black and White Minstrels

    -Velvet n Lace







    -Mellow Yellows



    -Rosa Bianca

    -Rotonda Bianca Sfumata

    -thai long green

    -Melanzane Rosso Di Rotonda

    -Malaysian Dark Red


    -Korean Red

    -Snake of Mugla[





    -grande var rubescens (red buckwheat)

    -nudum Ella Nelson's Yellow

    -fasciculatum foliolosum

    -umbellatum polyanthum Shasta Sulfur


    -Pint Pearl

    -Red Pearl



    -parthenium aureum (golden)



    -Bright Eyes


    -annual chinese, any


    -Strawberry (mertonensis)

    -Heywoodii Silver Fox


    -Amber wheels

    -Mesa Peach

    -any peach/apricot colored


    -Belleza Dark Pink

    -Snow Fountain

    -Siskiyou Pink

    -Whirling Butterflies



    -ivy leaf


    Chinese Python Snake Bean/Gourd (even 2 seeds would be exciting!)

    Luffa acutangula


    Cossack Pineapple





    Any of the following or that look like the following (just give me a name as a reference or description)




    -Electric Lime,

    White Cloud,

    -Peach Tea

    -Alabama Sunrise

    -Cascade Plum or Copper

    -named red/pink/orange/silver colored ones (I know these aren't supposed to come true--but mine always have!)


    mutabilis rubrum

    splendens (Pink Hollyhock Tree)

    -cisplatinus Rosa del Rio






    -Kintzley’s Ghost


    -walleriana, any (solid colors only)


    IRESINE Purple Lady


    -Early Purple Vienna

    -any named purple type


    -Superschmelz/Giant White






    -Miss Huff

    -Pink Caprice


    -New Gold

    -Mary Ann


    -Chapel Hill Yellow

    -Southern Fried

    -Star Landing


    named solids only



    -White Ice








    -ALL Year

    -Red Tango Leaf

    -any all red


    LINARIA purpurea

    LIPPIA repens







    -Spun Gold

    -Spun Orange

    -T. lemmonii



    -Zenith Red


    -Joan Lorraine


    Tasty Bites

    Sleeping Beauty

    Ice Cream/Jenny Lind/Green Machine/Kansas

    Golden Jenny


    Prescott Fond Blanc


    -Purple Majesty


    -mexican (Plectranthus amboinicus)/Cuban oregano




    -Split Second

    -Summer Serenade

    -Blue Star





    -Black Velvet

    Peach Melba


    NEMOPHILA, any


    pink or white, any

    NOLANA, any blue



    -egyptian walking


    trailing like Freefall or Cool Wave









    -Green Beauty


    -named scented






    Sugar Rush varieties

    Red Cherry

    Five Color

    Yellow Corno di Toro




    -Shock Wave,

    -Easy Wave,

    -Tidal Wave,


    -Double Cascade,


    -Opera Supreme


    -Fluffly Ruffles

    -Fire Chief







    -Cherry Caramel


    -Sugar Stars

    -Blushing Bride

    -Creme Brulee

    -Coral Reef


    -Moody Blues

    -paniculata any named other than Nicky and Bright Eyes





    amboinicus (cuban oregano)


    Mona Lavender

    tomentosa (Vick’s Plant)




    -mini pink


    -Mother of Pearl

    -Amazing Grey


    -Angel’s Choir

    -Bridal Silk

    -solid oriental, NAMED ONLY

    -solid peony NAMED ONLY






    Thai Red


    -Autumn Colors

    -Chim chiminee

    -Tiger Eye

    -Solar Eclipse


    -Ruby Ruby




    -Bee’s Bliss



    -Dancing Dolls

    -gesneriiflora Tequila

    -Snow Nymph



    -elegans named like Tangerine or Honey Melon


    -nemerosa (pink varieties)


    -cacaliifolia (Guatemalan Leaf)

    -Celestial Blue


    -chamaedryoides var. isochroma




    -involucrata (Rosebud)

    -Dara's Choice

    -Phyllis Fancy

    -Big Swing


    -Pozo Blue

    -named greggii in peach/, salmon, yellow, and orange



    -named guaranitica



    -NO coccinea other than those named above



    -caucasica fama blue

    -perfecta alba


    Any other than ovata, integrifolia


    -golden leaf varieties ONLY



    -Antirhinum braun-blanquettii (perennial snapdragon) Lemon Sherbet


    -Bronze Dragon



    -Madame Butterfly

    -Floral Showers

    -Palette Mix

    -Candy Showers

    -Frosted Flames

    -Magic Carpet




    -Blue Hubbard

    -Marina di Chioggia

    -Bennings Green Tint

    -Illinois Cushaw/White Crookneck


    -Black Futsu



    -Long of Naples

    -Menina Rajada Seca

    -Noob taub

    -Thai Rai Kaw Tok

    -Thai Kang Kob

    -Mrs. Amerson’s

    -Canadian long neck pumpkin

    -Dickinson pumpkin

    -Quaker pie pumpkin

    -Seminole pumpkin

    -Shishigatani/toonas makino pumpkin

    -Upper Ground Sweet Potato

    -Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck

    -Old Fashioned Tennessee Vining Pumpkin

    -Choctaw sweet potato

    -Sucrine du berry

    -Tahitian melon

    -Orange butternut











    White Soul






    -Pike’s Peak

    -Mongolian Giant

    -Aura Gold

    -Japanese Silver leaf

    -Dwarf Sunspot

    -apricot/peach varieties

    -Chocolate Cherry


    Bright Lights

    Prima Rossa


    Perpetual Spinach

    -solid orange

    -solid yellow







    Yukina Savoy



    -golden lemon



    -any purple-veined


    -Solar Flare

    -White Tomesol


    -Striped Roman


    Barry’s Crazy Cherry

    -Red Centiflor

    -Jazz, pink or orange



    -bombyciferum Arctic Summer

    -Cotswold King

    -Southern Charm

    -Katie's Candles



    -lilacina (de la Mina)





    -Golden Midget

    -Blacktail Mountain

    -Early Moonbeam

    -Chou Cheh Red

    -White Wonder

    -Renick Yellow



    -Double Profusion





    -El Dorado


    -Queen Lime Orange

    Zinderella other than peach or lavender



    Lilac Emperor




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  • 4 years ago


    Abutilon – Crepe de Chine

    Agastache – Black Adder

    Anemone – Margarete

    Anemone – Mona Lisa

    Anemone – Max Vogel

    Aquilega – Dorothy Rose

    Armeria – Rosa Soltz

    Artemisia – Silver Mound

    Aster - 'Little Carlow'

    Aster - Bluebird

    Aster – Lilliput Red Moon

    Astilbe - 'Peach Blossom'

    Astilbe - 'White Wings'

    Bachelors Buttons - The Bride

    Bachelors Buttons – Black

    Bachelors Buttons- Burgundy Beauties Mix

    Bachelors Button – Classic Romantic

    Baptisia – Carolina Moonlight

    Baptisia – Lunar Eclipse

    Baptisia – Solar Flare

    Bee Balm – Jacob Cline

    Bergenia - ANY

    Bluebells – Virginia (Mertensia virginica)

    Brooms – 'Moonlight'

    Calendula – Pink Surprise

    Calendula – Lemon Cream

    California Poppy – Pink Champagne

    Campanula - Bernice

    Campanula - Wortham Belle

    Campanula - cochlearifolia 'Elizabeth Oliver' **REALLY WANT

    Canterbury Bells- TRIPLE

    Carnation – Rasberry Ripple

    Carnation – Bananaberry Fizz

    Carnation – Orange Ripple

    Chamomile -Dyers

    Chamomile - Roman 'Flore Pleno'

    Chrysanthemum – Shelly

    Columbine – Dorothy Rose

    Columbine – Double Pleat Blackberry

    Cornflower- The Bride

    Cornflower – The Bride

    Cornflower – Classic Romantic

    Cornflower - Burgundy Beauties Mix

    Corydalis - Blue/ or Red

    Corylus avellana ' Contortal' – Harrys Walking Stick

    Cosmos – Indonesia Kennikura

    Cosmos – Citron

    Creeping Phlox - ANY

    Deutzia- ANY

    Deutzia - Slender Deutzia (D. gracilis)

    Dianthus – Chabaud La France

    Dianthus - Telstar White

    Dianthus 'White Ladies

    Dianthus - Raspberry Surprise

    Echinacea 'Mama Mia'

    Echinacea – Meteor Yellow

    Echinacea – Mozarella (2016 hybrid?)

    Echinacea Fragrant Angel

    Eriogonum Umbellatum Polyanthum 'Shasta Sulfur'

    Evening Primrose - woodside white

    False Indigo – Yellow

    False Indigo - Purple/lavender

    Flax – Saphyr Blue

    Galanthus (Snow Drops)

    Geranium – Scented Varieties (Rose, Apple, etc.)

    Geranium – True Rose (scented)

    Geranium - phaeum **REALLY WANT

    Geranium - nodosum 'Dark Heart'

    Geum – Lady Stratheden

    Glacier Lily (Erythronium grandiflorum)

    Globeflower (Trollius)

    Globe Thistle- Blue varieties

    Globe Thistle- White

    Halesia Carolina (snowdrop tree, wild olive)

    Heartleaf Bergenia

    Helleborus – Onyx Odyssey

    Helenium – Double Trouble

    Helianthemum nummularium mutabile Mix

    Hibiscus – Heartthrob

    Hollyhock – Mystic Merlin

    Hollyhock-Happy Lights

    Hollyhock- Black Currant

    Hollyhock - Powderpuff

    Hollyhock - Blackberry Ripples

    Hollyhock- Halo Mix

    Hollyhock - Chater's Double Apricot

    Hollyhock – The Bridesmaid

    Hollyhock – Brides Bouquet

    Hollyhock – Fruity Mix

    Hollyhock - Braveheart

    Jacob's Ladder – Brise d' Anjou

    Joe Pye Weed 'Bartered Bride'

    Laceflower (Trachymene)

    Lambs Tail - Joy

    Lavender - Kew Red

    Lavender – Yellow

    Lewisia - ANY Varities

    Lewisia – Little Plum

    Love in Mist – Cramers Plum

    Lupine – Red Flame

    Lupine – Noble Maiden

    Lupine - Arrayo

    Marigold – Creamy White

    Meadow Foam

    Meconopsis betonicifolia or var. Daileyi

    Monarda – Jacob Cline

    Moss Pinks **REALLY WANT

    Passiflora Incarnata 'Alba'

    Penstemon - Pocahontas

    Phlox - creeping

    Phlox- ' Laura'

    Phlox - 'Katherine'

    Phlox - David

    Phlox - Blue Paradise

    Poppy – California Bridal Boquet

    Poppy – Pandora

    Poppy- Asiatic

    Poppy - Papaver atlanticum 'Flore Pleno'

    Poppy - Queen Alexandra

    Poppy – Fruit Punch

    Poppy – Pizzicato

    Poppy- Plum Pudding

    Poppy – Heartbeat

    Poppy – Burning Heart

    Poppy – Place Pigalle

    Poppy -Himalayian Blue (Meconopsis betonicifolia or var. Daileyi)

    Primrose- Candelabia

    Rose Campion – Occulata (Lychnis coronaria occulata)

    Salvia – Black and Blue

    Salvia – Blue September

    Scabiosa – Fama Deep Blue

    Scabiosa – Isaac House

    Scabiosa – Diamond Pink

    Scabiosa – Blue Note

    Scabiosa – Fata Morgana

    Shasta Daisy – Banana Cream

    Shasta Daisy – Luna

    Sidalcea - Rosanna

    Snapdragon – Dwarf Twinny Peach Shades *REALLY WANT

    Southernwood- Tangerine

    Spring Star-Flower

    Sunrose (Helianthemum)

    Sweet Pea – Mollie Rilestone

    Veronica - 'Crater Lake Blue'

    Veronica - 'Noah Williams'

    Veronica - ' Trehane'

    Veronica - 'Goodness Grows'

    Viola 'Etain'

    Wild Sweet William (Phlox maculata)

    Yarrow -Heide

    Yarrow - Terra Cotta

    Zinnia- Tudor **REALLY WANT

    Zinnia – Edwardian

    Zinnia – Sunbow Mix


    Lavender - Pink **REALLY WANT

    Yarrow -Heide

    Yarrow - Terra Cotta

    Yarrow – Red Velvet


    Azaleas – Exbury

    Butterfly Bush - yellow

    Butterfly Bush - Miss Molly

    Flowering Quince - 'Minerva'

    Flowering Quince - 'Orange Delight'

  • 4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago

    Can't believe I can still edit! Patricia, I have a couple of additions.

    Gomphrena, Cosmic Flare

    Tomato, Black Beauty

    Chinese Jade Cucumber

    Calibrachoa, Kabloom White

    I don’t mind seeds that are a little older, but there are exceptions as noted in my list. For any Petunia, commercial pelleted seeds no older than 2019. Unpelleted seeds can be a little older. I try not to leave any doubt but just in case, unless I ask for it specifically, please don’t send pink anything. ;.) Thank you.

    Abutilon, Bella Apricot or Vanilla

    Abutilon indicum

    Alcea nudiflora

    Antirrhinum majus, Snapdragon 'Potomac Dark Orange' or ‘Chantilly Deep Orange’

    Ageratum, Bass Lake Marina

    Aquilegia longissima

    Asarina Scandens Mystic Purple

    Asparagus densiflora, Meyersii (Meyer’s) Foxtail Fern

    Bracteantha (Helichrysum) bracteata, Strawflower, Apricot from 2019 collected or packed for 2020 seeds only.

    Calibrachoa Kabloom Coral or Kabloom Orange

    Capsicum, Ancho San Luis Pepper

    Celosia, Celway Terracotta and Celway White

    Coleus, Superfine Festive Dance, Wizard Coral Sunrise

    Columnea Nemanthus, Goldfish Plant

    Cuphea hyssopifolia, especially white, but blue/purple okay.

    Cuphea micropetela, Candy Corn Cuphea

    Dianthus caryophyllus, Carnations, Chaubaud series. Orange, Yellow, bicolors or commercial Chaubaud mixes only.

    Diplacus aurantiacus, Sticky Monkeyflower

    Eucalyptus, Silver Dollar, Silver Baby or similar

    Euphorbia graminea, Glamor or Glitz

    Glaucium flavum v. aurantiacum, Horned Poppy Burnt Orange

    Impatiens, Beacon Coral, Beacon Orange, Beacon Salmon

    Ipomoea, Kanoko Red Speckled

    Justicia aurea

    Justicia spicigera, Mexican Honeysuckle

    Lantana trifolia

    Lavendula angustifolia, Ellagance Ice

    Leonotis leonurus, white/cream flowering

    Matthiola incana, Stock, Vintage Brown

    Nicotiana, Garnet Gem

    Origanum x hybridum, Kirigami

    Pachystachys lutea, Lollipop, Yellow Shrimp Plant

    Pelargonium mollicomum

    Pelargonium (Geranium) Maverick Orange, Pinto Premium Orange, Bullseye Salmon,

    Pentas, BeeBright or Graffitti Red, Dark Red or Lipstick

    Petunia grandiflora Double, Valentine or similar red.

    Petunia superbissima, Fluffy Ruffles, Ruffly Double, Spellbound Deep Purple, Spellbound White Blush or similar, dark purple, whitish, or mix.

    Petunia, Frillytunia White

    Portulaca grandiflora, Happy Hour Coconut, Happy Hour Orange, Margarita Coral, Happy Trails Primrose, Sunseeker White or Yellow, Sundial Peach or Tangerine.

    Mentha arvensis, Banana Mint

    Rhodochiton atrosanguineum

    Ruellia brittoniana aka Ruellia simplex, Mexican Petunia, Tall purple. No shorties or pastels.

    Salvia splendens, Mojave Salmon or Red Bicolor.

    Santolina etrusca, Etruscan Lavender Cotton

    Soleirolia soleirolii, Baby Tears

    Swainsona formosa

    Tagetes erecta, Marigold Spinning Lemon

    Thermopsis chinensis, Sunrise

    Tricholaena rosea, Ruby Grass

    Viola bakeri

    Viola mandshurica 'Fuji Dawn'

    Zinnia, Preciosa White

    Zinnia, Queen Lime with Blotch

    My first addtions, probably not my last. ATT PATROB

    Ipomoea batatas, ornamental sweet potato vines, white or purple variegates.

    Ipomoea tricolor, Glacier Star and Glacier Moon

    Melissa officinals, Lemon Balm, golden balm only

    Marigold, Colossus

    Zinnia, Salsiando

  • 4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago

    Ageratum -'Red Bouquet

    Bupleurum- Griffithi

    Begonias- any fancy annuals

    Calibrachoa- any color

    Canna- South Pacific Orange

    Canna- Happy Cleo

    Canna- Maui Punch

    Cosmos- bipinnatus Antiquity

    Cosmos - Apricot Lemonade

    Cosmos- Double Click Bicolor Rose

    Cosmos- Rosetta

    Celosia- Texas Plume Vintage Rose Mix

    Celosia- Texas Plume Summer Sherbet Mix

    Celosia- Supercrest Mix

    China Aster -Tower Chamois Apricot

    China Aster- Valkyrie Pink

    China Aster- Moonstone

    China Aster- Valkyrie Chamois

    Coleus- Henna

    Coleus- Inferno

    Coleus- Marrakesh

    Coleus- Olive Mosaic

    Coleus- Color Clouds Spicy

    Convolvulus- mauritanicus

    Feverfew- Vegmo Snowball

    Four O'Clock -Kaleidoscope

    Impatiens- Athena Appleblossom

    Impatiens- Athena Bright Purple

    Ipomoea- pubescens

    Lace Flower- Lacy Pink

    Marigold- Lemon Gem

    Marigold- Strawberry Blonde

    Marigold- African Alaska

    Nemophila- Baby Black Eyes

    Orach- Ruby Gold

    Pentas- any color

    Petunia- Double Cascade Orchid Mist

    Petunia- Double Cascade Blue

    Petunia- Super­cascade Burgundy

    Petunia- Opera Supreme Raspberry Ice

    Petunia- Midnight Gold

    Pimpinella- major Rosea

    Poppy- Amazing Grey

    Poppy- Thai Silk Apricot Chiffon

    Poppy- Pandora

    Poppy- Mother of Pearl

    Supertunias- any color

    Sunflower- Pro Cut White Nite

    Torenia- yellow

    Zinnia- Oklahoma Salmon

    Zinnia- Cupcake Pink

    Zinnia- Golden Hour

    Zinnia- Zinnia- Golden State

    Zinnia- Benary's Giant Salmon Rose

    Adding on

    Ipomoea alba (moonflower) black seeds only

  • 4 years ago


    Agastache Arcado Pink, Coronado Red, Fragrant Carpet, Fragrant Delight, Glowing Embers, Kudos Mandarin, Raspberry Daiquiri, Summer Breeze, Tango

    Angelonia Blue

    Artemisia Valerie Finnis

    Asarina (Creeping Gloxinia) Wine Red

    Aster Blue Stokes, Color Carpet Scarlet, Crimson Brocade, Jewelaster Purple, Lilliput Red Moon, Matsumoto Pink/Purple/Red, Needle Violet, New England Blue, Nova Mix, October Skies, Peony Duchess Apricot, Pompon Hi-No-Maru, Raspberry Wine, September Ruby

    Bachelor's Buttons Classic Romantic


    Black Eyed Susan Vine African Sunset, Arizona Dark Red

    Calendula Bronzed Beauty, Lemon Cream, Lemon Twist, Mandarin Twist, Tangerine Cream

    California Poppy Bridal Bouquet, Jelly Beans, Peach Strawberry, Purple Gleam

    Campanula Crimson Spotted

    Celosia Bombay Purple, Orange

    Clematis Betty Corning, Charmaine, Josephine, Omoshiro, Rebecca, Sweet Summer Love

    Columbine Black Current Ice, Blue Barlow, Magpie, Red Hobbitt, Songbird Nightingale, Spring Magic, Navy & White, Sunshine

    Cosmos Chocamocha, Cosimo Collarette, Cosimo Purple-Red, Cranberries Double Click, Fizzy Rose Picotee, Pink Popsock, White Popsoc

    Dahlia Double Extreme, Fireworks, Suny Reggae, Unwin's Dwarf Mix, Victoriana Mix

    Echinacea Warm Summer

    English Daisy Habanera Mix, Super Enorma

    Eupatorium Lucky Melody

    Fairy Wand

    Four O'Clock Marrakesh, Stars and Stripes

    Gomphrena Bicolor Rose, QIS Orange

    Hardy Geranium pink

    Hardy Hibiscus Mars Madness, Summerific Cranberryberry Crush

    Heliopsis Burning Hearts

    Heliotrope Fragrant Dellight, Old Fashioned, Sweet Heaven, White

    Hollyhock Antwerp Figleaf, Blackberry, Mater's Maroon, Danish Giant, Halo, Majorette Double Champagne, Peaches & Dreams

    Jacob's Ladder Heavenly Habit

    Korean Bellflower

    Lewisia Elise

    Lupine Dwarf Zulu

    Nasturtium Alaska Apricot, Black Velvet, King Theodore, Ladybird Cream, Orchid Cream, Orchid Flame, Out of Africa, Phoenix, Salmon Baby, Strawberry Cream, Tip Top Apricot, Vesuvius

    Nigella Delft Blue, Persian Red

    Penstemon Carillo Red

    Phlox Tall Blue Paradise, Bright Eyes, Cherry Caramel, Nicky, Orange Perfection, Scarlet, Starfire

    Poppy Candy Floss,Carnival, Cherry Glow, Coral Reef, Double Black/Mix/Red, Flemish Antique, Fringed Lilac/Pink, Frosted Salmon, Himalayan Blue, Kykeon Afghan, Lady Bird, Moondance, Mother of Pearl, Pandora, Patty's Plum, Picotee, Plum Pudding, Pompon, Ruffled Patty, Snow Goose, Sugar Plum, White Ruffles

    Prairie Mallow

    Purple Berkheya Zulu Warrior

    Rudbeckia Maya, Moroccan Sun, Praire Glow, Rustic Colors

    Salvia dorrii, Flamenco Rose, Honeymelon, Hot Lips, Hot Trumpets, Lady In Red, lyrata, Swan Lake, Victorian White, viscosa

    Scabiosa Summer Fruits

    Siberian Iris Chilled Wine, Eric The Red, Lavender Bounty

    Snapdragon Appleblossom, Chantilly Bronze, Chantilly Deep Orange, Night and Day, Orange Wonder, Potomac Orange, Ruby, Snap Daddy Pink

    Statice Sunset Mix, Supreme Blue

    Stock Katz Fragrant Mix, Spring Sparkle, Vintage Mix

    Sweet Pea Black Knight, King Edward VII, Mollie Rilestone

    Sunflower Chocolate

    Verbena Tropical Fruits


    Viola Bride White, Brush Strokes, Classy Pink, Duchesse de Parme', Hiemalis, Psychedelic Spring


    Yarrow Colorado Mix, Red Velvet, Pomegranate

    Zinnia Aztec Red, Aztec Sunset, Benary's Giant Mix, Dwarf Pompon, El Dorado, Marylondica, Mazurkia, Old Mexico, Profusion Double Deep Salmon, Soleado, Sombrero, Swizzle Cherry, Uptown Grape, Whirligig, Zahara Sunburst, Zinderella Orange, Zowie


    Carex Bronze

    Carex Toffee Twist

    Kochia scoparia


    Orange Sedge

    Purple Muhly

    Svanna Melinis

    Shenandoah Red Switch Grass

    Uncinia Rubra

  • 4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago

    ANISE - Pimpinella anisum

    ABSINTHE WORMWOOD Artemisia absinthium

    ASCLEPIAS INCARNATA (Swamp Milkweed) Pink, Red, White

    ASTER - Tower Chamois Series, Lady Coral Series,

    Peony Duchess Series, Valkyrie Mix

    Bells of Ireland

    BLACK-EYED SUSAN VINE - African Sunset, Arizona Dark Red, Blushing Susie,

    Spanish Eyes, Sunny Susy Amber Stripes, Sunny Suzy Red Orange, White

    CALENDULA - Bon Bon Yellow, Bronzed Beauty, Cantaloupe, Oopsy Daisy

    CALIBRACHOA - Kabloom - Any

    CELOSIA - Chief Series, Dracula, Fresh Look Series

    CLEMATIS - Montana or any fragrant

    CLEOME - Color Fountains Blend

    COLUMBINE - Alchemist's Gold, Crimson Star, Lime Sorbet, Pink Petticoat, Sunshine

    CORNFLOWER - Perennial Butterfly, Purple Heart

    COSMOS - Black Magic, Capriola, Chocamocha, Cranberries, Little Ladybirds Butterfly,

    Pop Socks, Velouette

    DANDELION - Pink, White

    DATURA - Ballerina Yellow, Evening Fragrance

    DIANTHUS - Black Cherry Frost, Lace Perfume Mix


    Digitalis grandiflora - Large Yellow,

    Digitalis parviflora - Milk Chocolate

    ECHINACEA - Cheyenne Spirit, Pow Wow

    FOUR O'CLOCKS - Any Red, Fairy Trumpets, Yellow and White Marbles Mix

    GAILLARDIA - Dazzler Mix, Red Plume

    GAZANIA - Any

    GERANIUM - Ivy Leaf, Maverick Series, Pinto Coral

    Gilia capitata

    Globe Thistle 'Blue Glow'

    Gomphrena, Any yellow, purple and red

    HIBISCUS - Luna Rose, Luna White

    HOLLYHOCK - Any Black, Blackberry Ripple, Indian Spring - Any, Halo -Any,

    Peaches-N-Dreams, Powderpuff - Any, Queeny Series, Russian Yellow Fig Leaf

    Lavender - Blue, Pink, White, Yellow - (hardy to zone 6a), Silver Anouk Spanish


    Lobelia, Any

    Malva - Braveheart, Mystic Merlin

    Marigold - Cottage Red, Mission Giant Yellow, Gypsy Sunshine, Red Gem, Strawberry Blonde,

    Orange Flame, Tiger Eyes, Zenith Red or Mix

    MORNING GLORY - Chocolate, Keiryu Mountain Stream,

    Kikyo Japanese Varieties, Split Second, Summer Serenade

    NASTURTIUM - Black Velvet, Bloody Mary, Double Gleam Mix, Ladybird,

    Milkmaid, Moonlight, Park's Fragrant Giants, Strawberries and Cream

    Night Phlox, Midnight Candy

    Park's Candy Lily


    PETUNIA - Double Cascade Orchid Mist Mix,

    Double Cascade Burgundy, Double Cascade Blue, Double Cascade White, Valentine

    Pulmonaria - lungwort

    Queen Anne's Lace 'Dara'

    RUDBECKIA - Cherokee Sunset, Cherry Brandy,Green Wizard, Goldilocks, Sahara

    SCABIOSA - Black Knight, Drumsticks, Fama Deep Blue,

    Fire King, Gelato Blueberry, Moon Dance, Perfecta Alba,

    Salmon Queen, Summer Berries Mix

    Rehmannia angulata (Chinese Foxglove)


    SNAPDRAGON - Lucky Lips, Madame Butterfly series, Chantilly,

    Twinny Series (especially would like Peach)

    Solomon's Seal

    STATICE - Soiree Mix

    STOCK - Giant Perfection, Katz

    SUNFLOWERS - Bohemian Rhapsody, Sun Fill Green,

    Starburst Mix, Strawberry Blonde, Teddy Bear Dwarf,

    Vanilla Ice

    ZINNIA - Benary's Giant Golden Yellow, Profusion Double - Any,

    Lilac Emperor, Queen Series - Any, Sombrero, Tudor, Whirlygig, Will Rogers,

    Zinderella Series

  • 4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago

    Edited to add that I don't mind seeds in small quantities or older seeds known to have a longer shelf life. Unnamed varieties that look similar to named ones on my list are absolutely fine.

    Cataloging seeds from two other swaps makes me wonder what I’m doing; I really have no business participating in this swap! That having been said, here’s my wish list:

    Agastache mearnsii

    Artemisia Absinthium/Wormwood

    Asclepias variegata/Redring Milkweed

    Buddleja lindleyana/Weeping Butterfly Bush

    Chimonanthus praecox/Wintersweet

    Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Dazzler’

    Cytisus scoparius/Scotch Broom

    Eryngium foetidum/Culantro

    Eucalyptus citriodora ‘Lemon Bush’

    Helianthemum nummularium/Sun Rose 'Mutabile Mix' or similar

    Humulus japonicus variegatus/Variegated Japanese Hops

    Hypericum perforatum/St John's Wort

    Hypericum prolificum/Shrubby St John’s Wort

    Iberis sempervirens/Evergreen Candytuft

    Linaria purpurea/Purple Toadflax-purple, white, pink or ‘Peachy’

    Marrubium vulgare/Horehound

    Melon-Ambrosia, Tigger

    Monarda species excluding: M. bradburiana, M. fistulosa, M. didyma, M. punctata, M. citriodora

    Othonna capensis/Little Pickles

    Papaver orientale/Oriental Poppy ‘Brilliant’ or ‘Beauty of Livermere’ or similar red

    Papaver orientale/Oriental Poppy 'Checkers'

    Peppers-Hot (collected seeds welcome/must come true): Aji Amarillo, Aji Pineapple, Chile de Arbol, Datil, Fresno, Guajillo, Goat, Habanero-any color, Mulato, Pasilla, Peter-any color, Scotch Bonnet-any

    Peppers-Sweet (collected seeds welcome/must come true): Marconi-any color, Pepperoncini,

    Rosa rugosa alba

    Saxifrage x arendsii/Saxifrage

    Schizanthus grahamii

    Schizopetalon walkeri

    Sorghum vulgare var. technicum/Broom Corn-any color

    Stachys byzantina/Lamb’s Ears

    Tanacetum densum

    Tomatoes (collected seeds welcome/must come true): Brown Berry, Bumble Bee-any color, Goluboy Les, your favorite med/large sweet orange or brown/black/purple. I'm also looking for these elusive few: Antique Roman, Pink Salad, Roman Candle, Super Italian Paste and Sun & Snow

    Tragopogon dubius/Yellow Salsify

    Vitex agnus-castus/Chaste Tree 'Blushing Spires'

    Xanthisma texana/Sleepy Daisy

    Xeranthemum annuum/Immortelle-mix

  • 4 years ago

    African Daisy: Blue Disc

    Agastache: Peachie Keen, Sinning, Summer Breeze, Rose Mint

    Anchusa Capensis: Blue Angel

    Asclepias cordifolia

    Asclepias curassavica

    Asclepias incarnata: Milkmaid

    Asclepias physocarpa

    Asclepias purpurascens

    Asclepias variegata (redring)

    Black Eyed Susan Vine: Any named, besides yellow

    Butterfly Pea: Thai Double Blue

    Coleus: Palisandra

    Columbine: Sunshine

    Cornflower: Emperor William

    Cosmos: Double Click series (esp. Bicolor Violet), Snowpuff

    Dandelion: Pink, White

    Delphinium: Delphina Light Blue White Bee, Cobalt Dreams, Cliveden Beauty

    Dianthus Coryophyllus: Trailing Carnations

    Dianthus: Siberian Blues, Mrs. Siskins, Pinball Wizard

    Four O'clock: Lemon Swirl

    Fuschia: Celia Smedley

    Geranium Bohemicum: Orchid Blue

    Geranium Pratense: Splish Splash

    Geranium: Pink Meteor, Apppleblossom Rosebud

    Geraniums, Scented: Pine, Attar of Roses, True Rose, Orange Fizz

    Hellebore: Winter Flowering Hybrid Mix Improved, Fire and Ice

    Hollyhock: Bride's Boquet (or The Bridesmaid), Chater's Icicle, Chater's Scarlett O'hara, Halo Cream, Peaches and Dreams, Appleblossom

    Japanese Morning Glory: Keiro Mountain Stream

    Jasmine: Pink (Jasminum Stephanense)

    Lavender: Pink or white only

    Lobelia: Starship Scarlet, Starship Deep Rose

    Love in a Mist: Miss Jekyll Blue

    Moonflower: Double White

    Morning Glory: Split Second

    Nicotiana alata: Jasmine'

    Nicotiana sylvestris: Perfume Deep Purple

    Oregano: Barbara Tingey

    Pansy: Flirty Skirts or other Ruffled type

    Penstemon: Onyx and Pearls

    Petunias: Any Double Flowered, especially Pirouette Red, Night Sky, Pink Sky

    Phlox: Red Popstars, Twinkles Dwarf mix, Midnight Candy

    Salvia: Fairy Queen, a white annual salvia such as Summer Jewel White, Cambridge Blue, Black and Blue, Amethyst Lips, Glimmer

    Snap Dragon: Night and Day

    Sunflower: Valentine

    Sweet Pea: Azureus Blue, America, April in Paris, Erewhon

    Teasel (Dipsacus Fullonum)

    Torenia: Kauai mix

    Vinca: True Red, Pure White

    Viola, Freckkles

    Violets: Comte de Brazza, Duchesse de Parme, Marie Louise, Governor Herrick, Rosina, Queen Charlotte

    Zinnia: Polar Bear, Will Rodgers, Swizzle Cherry and Ivory, Starlight Rose

    Bean, Lima: Sieva

    Bean, long: Chinese Light Green

    Bean: Violet Podded Stringless, Monte Gusto

    Beets: Bull's Blood, Cylindra, Chioggia, Golden

    Butterbean: Alabama Blackeye

    Cabbage: Bobcat

    Carrots: Black Nebula, Kyoto Red, Oxheart, Snowman, Red Samurai

    Celery: Chinese Pink

    Cucumber: Early Russian, Telegraph Improved

    Lettuce: Tennis Ball, Tom Thumb, Summertime

    Litchi Tomato (Morelle De'Balbis)

    Melon: Boule D'or, Tigger, Tommy Apple, Moonstruck

    Pea: Tom Thumb

    Pumpkin: Seminole

    Tomato: Black Beauty, Cosmic Eclipse, Micro Tom, White Tomesil, Depp's Pink Firefly, Bobcat, Beaver Lodge

    Tzimbalo Melon Pear

    Watermelon: Clay County Yellow Meat, Kaho, Silver Yamato, Lemon Drop, Wilson's Sweet, Royal Golden

    Winter Squash: Honeyboat Delicata

    Zucchini- Green Machine

  • 4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago


    Oregano Wild Zaatar, Origanum syriacum

    Pepper, Chinese Five Color

    Pepper, Etiuda

    Pepper, Lesya

    Tatume squash


    Celosia Asian Garden

    Celosia Flamingo Feather

    Cleome, Rose Queen or White Queen

    Clitoria, Double White Lady

    Coral Vine, Antigonon leptopus

    Cornflower Classic Magic, Centaurea cyanus

    Ipomoea nil, Akatsuki no Tsuyu (Blue Silk) Japanese Morning Glory

    Ipomoea nil, Fuji no Murasaki Japanese Morning Glory

    Ipomoea nil, Star of India Japanese Morning Glory

    Ipomoea tricolor, Blue Star Morning Glory

    Rudbeckia Prairie Sun

    Snapdragon, Royal Bride or Ruby

    Zinnia Benary's Giant, mix or named single colors

    Zinnia Oklahoma, mix or named single colors

    Zinnia Tequila Lime

  • 4 years ago

    PATROB, This is HIBISCUSFANS list from her GW page.

    Agastache Raspberry daiquiri

    Hydrangea Victorian Lace
    Hydrangea quercifolia
    Hydrangea serrata
    Hydrangea arborescens

    Onoclea sensibilis (sensitive fern)

    *Agastache cana

    *Antirrhinum nanum -Twinny Peach-Frosted Flames -Night and Day-University of California-Rembrandt-any bi or tri colored

    *Angelonia-Serena Series-Serenita Series

    *Aster-September Ruby-Alpinus-Wonder of Staffa

    *Aquilegia-Crimson Star-Miss M.I.Huis-Blue Star-Any Aquilegia caerulea

    *Bat Flower

    *Baptisia-Twilight Prairieblues-Chocolate-purple smoke-White-Cream-Pink Lemonade- any but plain blue

    *Buddliea (butterfly bush)- Hybrids Mix-any named

    *Campanula-Clips Series-Pearl Series-Big BenBlue Bell-TakionF1 Telham Beauty-White Bell-lOlympica

    *Calendula esp. coffee cream -Frost Princess-Pink Surprise-Solar Flashback Mix-Orange Porcupine-Touch of Red-any

    *Carnations-Chabaud Series

    *Clematis-any white

    *Coleus-have rainbow

    *Coreopsis- American Dream-Lipstick Cream and Red Moonbeam-Red Satin-Mecury Rising-any

    *Cosmos-Coffee Cream-Chocamocha- apricot,-Rosetta- Rubinato- Veloutte-Xanthos-Cupcakes-Xsenia-Capriola-Peppermint Candy-Sonata Mix-Rose Bonbon-Snowpuff--Cupcake Mix-Cranberries-Double Click Mix-Psyche White
    any but orange
    *Cleome-Color Fountain-any

    *Chrysopsis villosa (hairy golden aster)


    *Delphinium-Magic Fountains Mix-Dark Blue White Eye- Light Blue Dark Eye-Pink-any named

    Cliveden Beauty-Pink Punch- Black Eyed Angels-Magic Fountains Sky Blue with white Eye

    *Desmosperma-Livingstone Daisy- Harlequin Mix-any named

    *Cactus Mix

    *Coreopsis-American Dream-Lipstick Cream and Red-Red Satin-Moonbeam-any named

    *Echinacea--Cheyenne Spirit-Paradoxa or any except common purple.

    *Gaillardia-Painters Palette-Arizona Apricot-any named

    *Geranium-Ingwersen's Variety-any hardy

    *Groundcovers-any named

    *Helianthus-Evening Sun-Lemon Queen-Claret-any white or light colored any reds or chocolate.

    *Helenium-Helena Mix--Red and Gold Hybrids-Moerheim Beauty-any named red

    *Hollyhock-doubles and bi colors
    *Hibiscus-have Luna Series- Disco Belle-Blue River11-want Plum Crazy-Cranberry Crush-Fireball-Party Favor-Peppermint Snapps-Kopper King- Robert Fleming-Torchy-Old Yella-Fantasia-Dream Catcher- any named-Lady Baltimore-etc

    Hydrangea Victorian Lace
    Hydrangea quercifolia
    Hydrangea serrata
    Hydrangea arborescens
    any named

    *Ipomoea nil or any ruffeled, bi or tri colored.

    *Lavendula-White Grosso-Ellagance Series-Avignon Early Blue-Rosea

    *Leontopodium alpinum-(edelweiss)

    *Leonotis nepetifolia (Lions tail)

    *Leucanthemum-Banana Cream-Crazy Daisy- May Queen-White Breeze-

    Broadway Lights-Aglaya

    *Leucanthemum nipponicium- (Montauk Daisy)

    *Ligularia-Bottle Rocket-Brett Marie Crawford

    *Lobelia-Starship Deep Rose-Regatta Blue Splash-Fountain Blue-Cardinal Flower-Queen Victoria-Cardinalis-Monet Monent-Fan Scarlet-

    *Monarda (Bee Balm) Jacob Cline-any named reds

    Onoclea sensibilis (sensitive fern)

    *Osteospermum- Sky and Ice- Asti Series-Akila Series-Gozo's Series-PassionSeries

    *Pardancanda Norrisii (Candy Lily or Dazzler)

    *Papaver-(poppy) Coral Reef-Allegro-Brillant-Beauty of Livermore-Fruit Punch-Plum Pudding-Pattys Plum-Shirley poppy-Pandora-Peony Poppy mix-Swansdown-Feathered Mix-Danish Flag-Imperial Pink-Lauren's Grape-Jimi's Flag Mix-Sissinghurst White-Prince of Orange-Papaver rhoeas series-papaver ruprifragum Flamingo-Matador-Black Peony-any named poppy.

    *Penstemon-Firecracker-Rondo-Twizzie Series-Wedding Bells-Mystica-Esprit Select-Prairie Jewel-Miniature BellsBlue Buckle-Carilo Series-Sunburst Series-Stapleford Gem-Dark Towers-Blue Lips-Esprit-Elfin Pink Miss Moneypenny-Precious Gem-Blue Mist-Cocono Country-Nearly Red-any named

    *Pladycondon (balloon flower) Blue, White and Pink doubles-White and Pink Singles

    *Primula-Millers Crimson-You and Me Blue-noverna Deep Blue

    *Rudbeckia-Autumn Colors-Becky Series (dark colored)-Cappuccino-Chim Chiminee-Irish Eyes-Maya F -Rustic Mix-Ruby Ruby-Ruby Gold-any named

    *Salvia azurea-Ultra Violet-Sensation Rose-Caradonna
    any named hardy to zone5_6
    *Scabiosa-Compliment-Fama Series-House Hybrids-Perfecta Clear Blue-Perfecta Goldingensis-Blue Note-Pincushion Mix-Blue Star-Pink Diamonds-Starflower Pincushion

    *Sedum-any named

    *Stevia-Sugar Bush

    *Stokesia laevis-Blue-Omega Skyrocket any named

    *Thymus-any named

    *Tricyrtis hirta-Japanese Toad lily-Miyazaki Hybrids

    *Verbascum-Southern Charm-Wedding Candles-Bombardier Mix--Hybrids Mixed-Rosetta-Violetta-any named

    *Vinca Minor-any named

    *Japanese Maple

    *Zinnia-Raspberry Limeade-Senorita-Zinderella Series-Queeny Red Lime--Cactus Flowered Mix-Cupcakes Series Mix-Inca-Queeny Orange Lime
    series--Lilac Empresserella Series-Queeny Red Lime-

  • 4 years ago

    I did the same same swaps as Janini and have no business posting a wish list but here goes. lol

    Romneya Matilda poppy

    Poppy drama queen

    Poppy-white wedding


    Poppy- Jimis purple haze

    Morning glory- sunspots {this is the small orange blooming one} I'm sure it has other names

    columbine- Denver gold

    Dianthus grenadine black king

    Dianthus grenadine cardinal

    Agastache apricot sprite

    Agastache sangria

    Foxglove pantaloons

    Foxglove sugar plum

    Chelone- white blooming

    Snapdragon twinny series any

    Snapdragon Chantilly bronze

    Morning glory pink feathers

    Gaillardia sundance bicolor

    gaillardia razzle dazzle

    gomphrena globosa salmon

    convolvulus ensign red only

    nicotiana marshmallow

    phlox promise peach

    Aster tiger paw red

    Aster- annuals no mixes please

    Ageratum pink puffs

    polygonum pink pinheads

    Rudbeckia Cherokee sunset

    Flax charmer mix

    Indian pinks {speigella marilandica}

    Hibiscus heartthrob

    Hibiscus lady Baltimore - lord Baltimore - texas star red - texas star white

    African daisy- polar star

    Rudbeckia praire sun - sahara

    Nasturtium tip top Alaska red

    Foxglove- snow thimble

    Nemophila - baby blue eyes {I gave all mine away} ugh

    collinsia- Chinese houses

    Clarkia- looking for white or salmon blooming only

    Each player may send me 1 seed packet of their favorite flowering annual.

  • 4 years ago


    Acanthus mollis (Bear’s Breech)

    Agastache: Apache Sunset … Apricot Sprite … Arizona Sandstone … Arizona Sun … Arizona Sunset … Astello Indigo … Bolero … Corondao … Globetrotter … Golden Jubilee … Honey Bee Blue … Korean Zest … Lavender Martini …Lavender Haze … Lilac Sprite …Peach Margarita … Pink Pop … Navajo Sunset … Sangria … Sunset Yellow … Tango

    Ageratum (flossflower): Blue Bouquet … Cloud Nine series … Dondo Blue … Pink Puffs … Red Flint …Red Sea …Tall Blue Planet … White Bouquet

    Alcea (hollyhock): Appleblossom … Banana … Blackberry … Fiesta Time …Halo (any or mix) … O’Hara … Peaches ‘n’ Dreams … Spring Celebrities … The Bride

    Amaranthus: Carnival … Molten Fire

    Ammi majus: Queen of Africa

    Angelonia: Serena … Serenita

    Anthemis: Criss Cross

    Anagallis (blue pimpernel): Blue Lights or any

    Anoda: Candy Cups

    Antirrhinum (snapdragon): Black Prince … Chantilly … Crimson Velvet … Magic Lanterns … Midnight … Night and Day … Opus series … Oriental Lanterns … Overture series … Snaptastic series

    Aquilegia (columbine: Texas Gold

    Asclepias (milkweed, butterfly weed): Apollo Yellow … Green (hirtella) … Hello Yellow … Purple (purpurascens)

    Begonia: Bossa Nova serios … Illumination series … San Francisco … Santa Barbara … Santa Cruz Sunset

    Bidens: Bit of Sunshine … Gold Coins … Gold Nuggets

    Brachycome: Brachy Blue … Bravo … Splendor

    Calendula: Apricot Pygmy … Art Shades … Dawn Apricot … Lemon Cream … Orange Flash … Sunset Buff … Triangle Flashback

    Calindrina umbellate (rock purslane): Ruby Tuesday

    Callibrochoa : Kabloom series … Paradise Island series

    Callistephus (China aster): Andrella series … Blue Frost … Bouquet series … Daylight series …Duchesse series … Giant Perfection … Harmony … King Size … Lady Coral Lavender … Paeony (any) … Pompon (any) …Purple Burst … Rococo … Salmon Janina … Standy … Tower (any) …Valkyrie Brunhilde Chamois

    Canna: South Pacific series … Tropical series

    Ceratotheca triloba alba South African foxglove)

    Cerinthe: Gibraltar Pride … Kiwi … Purple Belle

    Cobaea (cup and saucer ): Royal Plum

    Celosia: Castle series … Celway series … Century series … Dragon’s Breath … First Flame series … Glorious … Pampas Plume .., Sunday

    Coreopsis: Golden Globe … Quills and Thrills … Red River Valley

    Coleus: Giant Exhibition series … Kong series

    Cosmos: Black Magic … Tango

    Deschampsia (tufted hair grass): any

    Dianthus: Black Adder … Black and White Minstrels … Hollandia Purple Crown … Hollandia Salmon Pink with Eye … Kaleidoscope … Kensington

    Diascia (twinspur): Diamonte series … Queen Asca series

    Dimorphotheca (African daisy): Spring Flash series … Sunshine series … Tetra Polar Star

    Echinacea (coneflower): Baby Swan White … Brilliant Star … Cheyenne Spirit … Mellow Yellows …. Paradiso Mix … Ruby Ruby

    Echium amoenum

    Eustoma (lisianthus): any, including these series: Arena … Echo … Florida … Mariachi … Sapphire … Twinkle … Vulcan

    Fuchsia: any

    Gaillardia (blanket flower): Arizona Apricot … Plume Red … Plume Yellow … Sundance … Torchlight

    Helianthus (sunflower): Black Magic … Earthwalker … Fantasia … Florenza … Little Leo … Magic Roundabout … Moonshine Moonwalker … Moulin Rouge Pacino … Pan … Peach Passion … Ruby Eclipse … Santa Fe … Soraya

    Impatiens walleriana: Accent Lavender Blue

    Knautia (Maltese cross): Red Knight

    Kniphofia (red hot pokers) Traffic Lights

    Leymus arenarius (blue dune grass, lyme grass: any

    Lobularia (alyssum): Sweet Alice series … Wonderland series

    Malva: Snow White … Bibor Felho … Braveheart … Mystic Merlin

    Monarda (bee balm): Lambada … Panorama … Red Colors

    Nepeta (catmint): Pink Candy

    Phlox: Cherry Caramel … Sugar Stars … Twinkles

    Papaver (poppy): Amazing Grey … Frosted Salmon … Supreme

    Rudbeckia: Caramel mixed … Sahara

    Salvia chamaedryoides (blue oak sage) any

    Salvia darcyi (Darcy's sage) any

    Salvia engelmannii (Engelmann's sage) any

    Salvia farinacea (mealycup sage): Augusta Duelberg … Evolution … Evolution White … Henry Duelberg … Rhea … Strata

    Salvia guaranitica (anise sage): Argentine Skies … Brazil … Kobolt … Van Remsen

    Salvia holwayi any

    Salvia koyamae (Japanese yellow sage) any

    Salvia napifolia: Baby Blue

    Salvia nemerosa (woodland sage): Amethyst … New Dimension Blue … New Dimension Rose

    Salvia patens (gentian sage): Blue Angel … Cambridge Blue … Patio Deep Blue … Patio Sky Blue

    Salvia penstemonoides (big red sage) any

    Salvia roemeriana: Hot Trumpets … Red Dwarf

    Salvia semiatrata (pine mountain sage) any

    Salvia spathacea (crimson sage or hummingbird sage) any

    Salvia splendens: Early Bonfire … Lighthouse Red … Lighthouse Purple

    Salvia superba (sage): Adora Blue … Blue Queen Dwarf … Merleau series … Rose Queen

    Salvia taraxicifolia (dandelion leaf sage): any

    Salvia transylvanica (Transylvania sage): Blue Cloud … Blue Spires

    Salvia verticillata (lilac sage): Purple Rain …White Rain

    Scabiosa: Beauolais Bonnets … Blue Beau … Burgundy Beau

    Sultera (bacopa): any

    Tagetes (marigold): Colossus … Ivory … Kilimanjaro

    Wedelia (Zexmenia: any

    Zinnia: El Dorado … Precioso … Profusion … Queen

    Zinnia haageana: Jazzy


    basil: Cardinal … Edwina … Eleonora … Emily … Envigor … Jolina … Marseilles … Martina … Newton … Nufar … Plenty … Red Velvet … San Valentino … Super Sweet Chen

    lavender: Vicenza Blue …



    amaranth: Chinese Multicolor Spinach

    artichoke: Colorado Red Star… Green Globe

    asparagus: Conovers Colossal … Precoce DArgenteuil

    bush, bean: Amethyst … Borlotto Di Vigevano Nano … Calendonia … Capitano … Concador … Delinel … Masai … Mistic … Nautica … Opera … Sonesta … Velour

    bean, pole: Carminat … Cobra … Helda … Indian Hannah … Mamba … Monte Cristo … Musica … Pantheon … Purple Teepee

    beet: Avalanche … Boldor … Bull’s Blood … Cylindra … Flat of Egypt … Golden … Golden Detroit … Ruby Queen … Touchstone Golden

    bok choy/pac choi: Baby Milk … Hedou … Shanghai … Suzhou … Toy Choy

    broccoli, Chinese: Yod Fah… any

    cabbage: Cour di Bue … Kalibos

    cabbage, Chinese: Chirimen Hakusai … Fun Jen … Hilton … Scarlett … Suzuko … Tokyo Bekana

    cardoon: Gobbo de Nizzia

    carrot: Adelaide … Autumn King … Cosmic Purple … Early Scarlet Horn … Eskimo … Flyaway … Merida … Mokum … Muscade … Musico … Napoli … Negovia … New Kuroda … Nandor … Oxheart … Purple Dragon … Purple Sun … Pusa Asita … Speedo … St. Valery … Uzbek Golden … Yaya

    celery: Chinese Pink … Chinese White

    corn: Astronomy Domine

    cowpea: Clay … Mitchell Family Cream Pea … White Whippoorwill

    cucumber: Beit Alpha … Dar

    eggplant: Astrakom…Chi Yei…Mitoyo … Nagasaki…Real Black…Snake of Mugla … Thai Long Green

    Italian edible gourd: Cucuzzi aka Serpent of Sicily

    kale: Beira Tronchuda … Casper … Dazzling Blue … Jagallo Nero … Midnight Sun … Redbor … Red Ursa … Scarlet … Thousandhead … Tronchuda … Winterbor

    kale, perennial: Homesteaders Kaleidoscopic

    lettuce: Bronze Mignonette … Cracoviensis … Forellenschluss … Intred … Kagraner Sommer … Lunix … Merlot … Milagro … Newham … Optima … Outredgeous … Rex … Skyphos … Solar Flare … Tango … Tantan … Tennis Ball … Truchas … Webbs Wonderful … Winter Brown … Winter Density … Wintergreen Cut Salad … Winterwunder … Xalbadora … Yedikule

    melon: Alacati … Alvaro … Athena … Boule d’Or aka Golden Perfection … Collective Farm Woman … Golden Honeymoon … Golden Jenny … Golden Sweet … Halona … Kajari … Kiku Chrysanthemum … Lilly … Moonstruck … Orange Silverwave … Sugar Cube … Tasty Bites … Tommy Apple

    mizuna: Beni Houshi … Early … Japanese Pink

    onion and shallot: Apache … Bianca di Giugno … Bianca di Maggio … Candy … Desert Sunrise … Figaro … Flat of Italy … Globo … He Shi Ko … Parade … Texas Early Grano … Unzen Flat … Violet de Galmi … White Creole … Zebrune

    pea, shelling: Kenobi … Meteor … Misty … Oasis … Prelado … Rondo

    pea, snow: Shiraz … Sugar Snow Green … Sweet Horizon

    pea, sugarsnap: Cascadia … Lusaka … Opal Creek … Sugar Sprint … Tendersweet

    pepper: Aconcagua … Ancho Magnifico … Beaver Dam … Blot … Caballero … Felicity … Gatherer's Gold Sweet Italian … Lemon Spice Jalapeno … Lesya … Mulato Isleno … Nadapeño … Oranos … Rewia ... Rubens … Sheepnose Pimento … Staddon’s Select … White Lakes

    snake bean: Chinese Python

    spinach: Avon … Chinese Multicolor … Merlo Nero … Oceanside … Regiment … Space


    tomato: Juliet … Lillian’s Yellow Heirloom … Luci … Nova … Pantesco Romanesco … Pozzano … San Marzano Gigante 3 … Mountain Magic … Sweet Treats … Silvery Fir Tree … Vilms

    watermelon: Ali Baba … Cream Yamato … Janosik … Kaho … Otome … Royal Golden … Wilson’s Sweet

    winter squash/pumpkin: Arka Surymukhi … Buen Gusto de Horno … Butterbaby … Gete Okosomin … Pale Grey … Kogigu … Little Dipper … Palav Kadu … Reba … Shishigatani aka Toonas Makino … Sucrine du Berry

    yellow squash: Cube of Butter … Rugosa Friulana … Saffron … Slick Pik YS 26 … Superpik

    zucchini: Caserta … Cassia … Cocozella di Napoli … Costata Romanesco … Dirani … Emerald Delight … Nimba … Raven

  • 4 years ago

    I too not have no business posting thanks to generosity of previous fellow traders, but as the Mad Hatter Rabbit said, "I'm Late! I'm Late!" So please disregard this post if that's easier.


    Adenophora triphylla v japonica blue

    Agapanthus dwarf blue, relatively hardy

    Agapanthus hardy white

    Agastache 'Summer Breeze'

    Ageratum houstonianum White, relatively tall

    Angelica archangelica - fresh seeds, since this one can have short window of viability from harvest

    Angelica sylvestris purpurea 'Vicar's Mead' - fresh seeds

    Aquilegia longissima

    Artemisia abrotanum

    Artemisia Valerie Finnis

    Anthriscus sylvestris 'Raven's Wing'

    Campanula punctate white

    Campanula takesimana white (Korean Bellflower)

    Cedronella canariensis

    Celosia argentea var. cristata (crested white, or white with green shadows

    Centaurea moschata white - as planted in Celia Thaxter's garden

    Cestrum nocturnum

    Clerodendrum ugendense

    Corydalis - blue

    Cosmos ' Popsocks' white

    Erysimum linifolium 'Variegatum' lilac-purple Flower, with or without variegated Leaves

    Erysimum 'Bowles Babies' or 'Bowles Mauve'

    Erysimum cheiri 'Ivory Towers'

    Joe Pye Weed - Bartered Bride

    Leonotis leonurus white/cream flowering

    Linaria purpurea Alba - white

    Mertensia virginica

    Myrrhis odorata (Sweet Cicely - culinary kind)

    Papaver orientale 'Patty's Plum', or other oriental poppy with similar mauve/purple/lavender coloring

    Papaver trinifolium

    Phuopsis stylosa

    Potentilla thurberi 'Monarch's Velvet' deep red/black center

    Primula dentata

    Primula elatior - pale yellow or cream or white

    Primula polyantha 'Midnight Group' from Barnhaven -

    Primula polyantha Pacific Giants Series, "Blue Shades"

    Primula sieboldii - mix with white and/or mauve colors and petals laced like snowflakes. And with or without palest, blush pink

    Primula vulgaris - white, cream, or pale yellow

    Rosa multiflora nana perpetua 'Garden Party'

    Roses - seeds from: (This one's a long shot, but who knows?)

    Amazing Grace

    Basye's Purple





    Dancing in the Dark

    Distant Thunder

    Dublin Bay

    Henry Kelsey

    Morning Has Broken

    Summer Wine

    Tuscany Superb (Gallica)


    Salvia darcyi

    Salvia elegans - or its offspring crosses

    Salvia splendens 'Van Houttei' "Burgundy"

    Spigelia marilandica

    Stachys macrantha

    Tragopogon dubius (Salsify)


    Viola Sorbet Coconut Swirl - or any that are white, with blue or purple picotee edge

  • 4 years ago

    Lisa Sorry I cannot get my seeds sent in in time as my husband has had two surgerys in the last three weeks and it is a two hour drive one way to get to the hospital.