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NEW: 2nd annual whats left on my wish list seed swap

17 years ago

To those of you who did this last year with me I promised I would start it earlier so here I am. I was off line for awhile missed the gardenweb terribly.For those of you who did this last year about 20 people it was a good one we all got a lot from our wish lists so heres how this goes

1)Post if you want to join

2)Make sure your seed want list is updated so you don't get something you already have make sure you have a want list!

3)Keep checking to see if you have anything from others wish lists

4)You can start sending seeds as soon as the sign-up deadline is up.Jan. 1st

5)Mark who the seeds are for we always get duplicates I won't send you more than one pack of the same seed

6)You will get back as many packs as you send and 2 packs as a bonus from me

The deadline for signing up will be January 1st and your seeds should be mailed to me by January 14th if you will be a couple of days late just e-mail me to let me know. I will get the seeds out within 3 day of receiving them so you should all have them back before the end of January.

Send enough postage to mail them back to you and a mailing label with your return address.

I will e-mail you with mailing address as you join. Enjoy half of the fun is checking others lists. Thanks I hope all of my trading buddies join newbies welcome. But remember the seeds you send need to be on someones want list. Patty

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