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graphic file display annoyance

2 years ago

Usually, when I want to find a graphic file, be at photograph or a drawing, I use the "view/icons" setting. Files which are jpg, bmp, gif, .png, etc. show up well and clearly. Tiff files also show up, but usually more slowly. But PDF or some other files, such as .ai (Adobe Illustrator), .eps (encapsulated PostScript), .dxf (AutoCad), .psd (Adobe Photoshop), .ppt (Microsoft Powerpoint), etc. don't display. I'm using windows 10 but this is not a new problem. I just assumed that these proprietary formats just don't work in this way (of course, I can open them with the proper program. But, I was in a colleague's office and he was looking at the same shared folder on his MAC and the PDF and some of the other files DID show up. So is there some setting I can use in Windows to make at least some of them show up as icons? My current procedure is to open each file in its own program and export JPEG file, with the same file name. That way, when I see a list of files, at least I can see the content of each PDF file!

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