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Replacing Failed Travertine Shower Stall Scope of Work Please Help

4 years ago

I recently bought a home that was built in 2003. It is a truly custom home built by a builder for himself and his family. He actually lived in it for a few years and sold during the housing crash. It is well built and has some very nice finishes. It is located in a nice neighborhood with higher end homes for the area. It is generally in good condition and has been kept in good repair. But, it is showing some age. We are the third owner.

Last week we noticed a drip from the master bath shower stall into the recently encapsulated crawl space. We just encapsulated this area in October. The area was dry at the time of encapsulation. We made sure that there was no more water and called the insurance company. We had the remediation company out to look at the damage. They have determined that the damage is coming from a failed shower pan. They are going to cover the damage.

The entire master bathroom is covered in natural travertine. The entire shower is travertine. The flooring, the shower, the bath surround and the countertops are travertine. This particular travertine is now 15 years old. It is a very light blond color travertine. I have two or three pieces of each size tile that was used in the basement. It is no longer commonly found.

According to the contractor, I have two courses of action. One, I can try to match up the travertine. If I can match it, we only have to tear out the shower and rebuild the shower with the same material. I have two companies looking for acceptable to me travertine. Travertine is a miserable material to use in a shower. I would have never personally selected it. We will need to seal it regularly and it is very porous. I kind of hate to put this material back into a shower.

Two, if I can't match up the material, I can tear out much of the bathroom and start over with a new material selection. Lucky for me, I don't want to move any walls. I'm happy with the layout. But, the shower stall, flooring, tub surround, and countertops would have to come out and the material be changed. The tub and wall of mirrors hopefully could stay in place. I'm nervous about the mirror given that there are travertine backsplashes installed. The shower door, toilet, cabinets and plumbing fixtures would have to be removed and could be reinstalled. I could select new tile, counter and flooring. Everything is in good condition. I could see reusing the cabinets. They are nice. I would end up with a bath with new finishes.

I am an experienced renovator, so I have no illusions about how much mess and dust this will generate. What I have to do is make a judgement about the matching of materials and how much trouble I want to go to. Is it worth it to go all in or settle for almost good enough?

The offending leaking shower and the heinous bathroom sconces. (They are out of here regardless of the outcome. That green is pretty bad, too. I didn't pick it out.)

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This is the counter top. It's in three pieces and has a backsplash. The wall is all mirrors to the ceiling.

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This is the offending failed shower stall. It's nice, but it leaks.

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This is bath tub surround. How big a PITA would this be to remove the tile and replace with another surface?

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This is the floor. It's travertine, too.

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Anyhow, that's what I've got. I'm trying to make a decision. Understand that insurance will pay for the bulk of the removal, material and installation. I've just got to decide the scope of the project.

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