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Temporary wallpaper or paint for (neglected) guest bathroom?

Mittens Cat
3 years ago

Nearly a year into our (6-month) remodel and we're moving in next week despite things not being finished, including two of four bathrooms. Priority went to master bathroom and son's bathroom, leaving the guest bath and power room to the "later gator" category. These two got the quick IKEA treatment, enough to pass inspection to get a temporary permit to move in.

Guest bath has a standard tub with white subway tile. We're doing a shower curtain instead of glass. The only upscale touch is the Sonoma Tile glass at the back of the niche.

I'm now looking at this stark guest bath (no window) and thinking maybe I should consider temporary stick-on wallpaper mural on the vanity wall? Perhaps something with an oceanic theme to go with the Sonoma tile niche (we're also in a beach town)? Any thoughts appreciated.

We're going to put a cheap wall mirror behind the vanity, so the wallpaper would show on the sides and below the vanity, and above the mirror. But maybe I should just paint it? The hope is to tile this wall...eventually.

(Disregard the sad vanity light--I've already returned it.)

We are surfers so i was thinking this crashing wave mural might be fun. DH is not one to do outlandish things, so he said he'll leave it to me but the look on his face clearly said: "Are you kidding me?!" lol Here's another mural that's a bit less showy.

Main questions: are these "temporary" murals really that easy to remove? Or can we tile directly over this stuff? Am I nuts to do something so bold in a home that's devoted mainly to clean, simple design?


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