Please help! Need shelving ideas for an oddly-shaped pantry.

last year

This is the pantry in the house my parents recently built. Everything's constructed, so this is the shape we must work with (odd angles* and all). I met with them to discuss the layout and came up with some ideas, but I'd really appreciate a few fresh sets of eyes on the space! How would you arrange shelving in here?

(*The corner of the 28.75" and 83" walls do make a 90-degree angle, tho I'm not sure I captured that perfectly in my mockup.)

Some notes: They will not be using any appliances in-pantry, but will be storing small appliances to be brought out to the kitchen when needed. They will also not be storing brooms/mops in here. Just the aforementioned appliances, food, and rarely-used dishes like serving platters and cake stands. They would like open shelving (wire or melamine) and some countertop space. The ceiling is 9'.

Here is the pantry in relation to the garage entrance on the left, the formal entrance on the bottom, and the kitchen on the right.

Thanks so much in advance!

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