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Need help re: oddly shaped island

3 years ago

First, I want to apologize if any of this sounds confusing. I had some surgery and am taking some medication while recovering - it makes my brain feel a bit fuzzy. It’s a bit embarrassing to post this while my head is “wonky” but I’m BORED - and thinking about remodeling my kitchen is more entertaining than watching T.V. I’ve managed to not watch “Grey’s Anatomy“ for this long - why start now?? (that‘s probably not even a good reference now - I don’t even know if it’s still on the air!)

I am just starting to remodel my kitchen (among other rooms) in my house. I posted some photos several weeks ago - and then had some health setbacks. Well, I’m going to try to make some progress on this project while I’m stuck recuperating. I don’t have any graph paper (and I can’t drive while taking medication) - and I don’t know which kind of apps/programs everyone uses to show layouts of rooms. So - you’re all in for a real treat (laugh) - I’ve sketched something - with actual dimensions for the island cabinet - but just a rough sketch of the layout of my kitchen. I’m not at home so I’m unable to take any more measurements.

Please note that the measurements of the island are for the base cabinet - I didn’t include the overhang around the sides (except for adding the 12” overhang off the end of the island - which makes it 5 ft along side by refrigerator and 2 ft where the island is “squared“ back up by the end).

I have the measurement from point of ”V” of windows where dining table is currently accross width of kitchen - but I can’t find it. It’s quite a bit of space to play with - so I am hoping people will start sharing ideas without having the exact number of feet. I do know it’s a bit more than the 22 ft between front of stove to mantel of fireplace.

1. I know that many people despise islands that aren’t rectangular. I personally would rather have a rectangular island - but I’m not sure how to do that with my slanted wall. Obviously, the builder just built an island that fit the shape of the space.

2. I don’t care about changing the furniture in front of the fireplace. I’m waiting to figure that out.

3. I’ve been thinking about how much space in my house is wasted (three extra bedrooms, for example). I rarely use my dining room - other than when hosting holidays/birthdays/etc. So - I am thinking about making the current opening to the dining room bigger in order to integrate it more into the kitchen - so we will actually use that room for dining. It’s a structural wall - I don’t want to remove it completely because farther down is the opening to my foyer - and I like having an actual foyer space as well as some actual defined rooms vs completely open concept (maybe that’s odd - I’m not sure if everyone is still tearing down all their walls or not!). My house has a center foyer - dining room on one side and study on the other (with balanced openings off foyer into each room).

4. I am thinking about making the “V” shaped dining area into more of a cozy nook with smaller round pedestal table - I’ve seen a lot of ideas where people have changed up that space. My point is that there will be a smaller table/less chairs than currently occupying that space.

5. I was thinking about maybe connecting some more dining space onto the end of the island or around a corner of it. Currently, the end seats three comfortably.

Okay - I’m sure that you’ll need more information. Let me know.

I really appreciate everyone help!

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