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Range help -smoothtop vs induction - convection vs standard

4 years ago

A few weeks ago, the thermostat on our range died. It’s a 2004 model and luckily my husband was able to find an aftermarket part that works. The temperature control isn’t great, but better than nothing. Given the Black Friday deals out there, I’ve been trying to weigh the options and make a decision (not something that comes easily!)

I like the idea that induction tops don’t get hot so spillls don’t burn on (I’m not the neatest cook). But induction ranges are around $1,000 more than radiant smooth-top, plus I’d need new pots and pans. Is this cost worth the investment for the average home cook?

Same on convection ovens. Many smooth top ranges come in options of upgrading convection from a traditional oven. Is convection better enough to justify the cost? I use the stove top every night to cook, but usually the oven only 1-2 times a week.

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