Master bedroom design dilemma

Divya Shah
last year

Hi everyone,

I am planning to remodel my current floor plan, in particular the area highlighted in the below image. Currently that top area has 2 bedrooms and the lower area has a hallway and a laundry.

I am planning to merge the 2 bedrooms to create a new master bedroom with a french door that opens into the backyard.

My dilemma is how do I orient the bed, closets and bathrooms. I have the below 2 options. Please suggest which one is better and why or if you have any other suggestions.

Dimensions: 21 feet by 11 feet is the rectangular area at the top. We are thinking to divide that into 6 feet for the bath and 16 feet for the bedroom.

The area leading into the bedroom is 8 feet by 12 feet.

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