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Master bedroom remodel- Master closet location dilemma

Jillian White
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Our goals are to knock down the wall between our kids room and small master bedroom to make a bigger master, make a walk in closet, and make a bigger-than-hobbit-sized bathroom.

Where should we put the closet? How big should it be to be able to put up closet organization shelves/rods.

We only have 2 windows and I want to make sure light gets in the room still so I’m worried about walling off the east window with a closet. Maybe we could leave closet open with no door to allow light in from the east?

Also, how big should the bathroom be/ where should we bump out the bathroom wall to?

Our contractor can’t seem to even drawn something to scale, let alone give good design advice. This is my drawing of the top floor to scale to the best of my ability with pencil lol. 1/4” is a 1’. Thanks in advance!

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