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Wainscotting in powder room: behind built-in vanity?

4 years ago

We’re adding a new 3’ x 8’ powder room (bumping out and shifting back the kitchen). I’m considering adding wainscotting. We have a little play with the width of the room and the current plan is to allow 37.5“ to allow for a built—in vanity that’s stock. (for a 37” countertop). Is it ever accept to not have the wainscotting go behind the built-in vanity?

Putting the wainscotting behind the vanity requires more space (5/8 times 2) bringing the room width to about 39. This extra space will be taken from the kitchen, probably the spot between the stove and sink, which would otherwise be 36”.

Obviously if the vanity gets changed in the future to a freestanding vanity, it would become an issue. If it is replaced with another built in, no issue, right? But would it look right? Also, I guess it means the wainscotting stops at countertop height, which might be weird.

FWIW, it’s a 1940s bungalow. Also, I live in a beach town, so my thought is that at the wainscotting could add architectural interest, add a vintage-y touch, and also allow me to paint it white and have a fun wallpaper on top without overpowering the room.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and help!

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