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Carpet vs Luxury vinyl plank

3 years ago

Hello all-

Our family are recently purchased a larger 3 story home built in ”87. The third floor (where bedrooms are) has carpet throughout, except bathrooms. One room (due to past owner pets) we have had to rip out the carpet due to odor. That room is for our girls aged 3 & 5. We are now struggling with what flooring to put down. We are not financially able to rip out And replace flooring on the entire floor at this time. The steps leading upstairs have darker wood and the second floor has a medium tone hardwood flooring. My husband likes the warmth and comfort of carpet in bedrooms. I agree with the warmth yet don't care for the filth often associated with carpet. my husband proposed taking the carpet up on the entire third floor and replacing with new, and getting a new better suction vacuum. My argument is carpet becomes worn over time and we will eventually replace again. I stated lvp has better resell value and we can purchase area rugs. We are on a tight budget & have concerns that by the time we can finish the entire floor the lvp could be discontinued. We have no pets, just 3 young children.

What would you do in this situation?

thank you for taking the time to read.

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