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Wood flooring near pool entrance?

4 years ago

I am trying to pick a new flooring material for my kitchen and family room area. I would like it to be one continuous material because there is not a good transition area. I am debating between hardwood (maybe parquet?) and a large format porcelain tile in a travertine-like pattern. The cost is close enough for either option.

Our considerations:

1. The pool door is located in the family room, and we have little kids (and future teenagers!), and pool season is about 6 months long. Does this dictate that tile is the right choice, or is there some wood product that would work? We don’t want to be obsessing about water drips for the next 15 years. Does anyone else have experience with hardwood near a pool area?

2. We strongly prefer the look and warmth of wood. I had hardwood in the kitchen of my last house, so I know that works for us. The only thing aesthetically I’m not sure about is that we have stained wood baseboards and trim that we are hoping to keep. Would that look weird with hardwood floors?

3. There are two transition areas from existing hardwood floors. These are 3’ doorways, and the installers tell us they can make it look good by matching the stain if we get hardwood, but something like LVT is not a good option for us.

What material would everyone recommend for us?

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