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Hardwood Floor Acclimation - Sanity Check

4 years ago

We only have one NWFA certified installer/sander/refinisher within 100 miles of our home. We tentatively plan to use them to add site-finished, red oak, narrow plank flooring to our family room and master bedroom and refinish our existing hardwood flooring (handscrape and use rubio monocoat). We thought the quote was fine, and they seem nice enough. However, there was one thing that concerned us, and I want to see if I am insane.

The installer said that it is absolutely not necessary to acclimate the new hardwood floors or test for moisture before install. (They indicated that this was only for other kinds of wood floors like engineered) Instead, they deliver and install same day. Then they let it acclimate for one week before finishing. It has been a really long time since I have had hardwood floors installed. However, my past experience plus what I have read on Houzz and other sites suggests that the floors should be acclimated before installation. Should I be concerned/ consider another contractor that is not NWFA certified?

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